On Thursday, 16. March at 20 at the gallery of the Croatian Designers' Society, Boškovićeva 18, opens the exhibition THIS TOWN NEEDS POSTERS, which presents an overview of the past work of the same copyright tandem made by architects and designers SVEN SORIĆ and HRVOJE SPUDIĆ. Although this authoring team is primarily known to the public through its recognizable placards most commonly typographic, this is not just a posters exhibition, but also the presentation of the process of their work, ideas and principles behind it, as well as specific knowledge in the field of manual printing techniques that today's generations of designers are neglected, and audiences rarely have a chance to see them. The exhibition is part of the HDD gallery program "On First Face".

16.3. - 31.3. 2017.

Authors of the exhibition: Sven Sorić, Hrvoje Spudić
Graphic design: Lana Grahek
Exhibition Set: Sven Sorić, Hrvoje Spudić, Marko Golub
Texts: Marko Golub, Bojan Krištofić

Organization: Croatian Design Society
HDD Gallery Manager: Marko Golub

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Mon - Fri: 10 - 20h
Subotom 10 - 15h