The fifth congress of the Croatian Traumatology Society will be held in Zagreb, from 23. to 25. March 2017., at Hotel Antunović. This international congress will gather in one place experts from the field of traumatology and related professions from Croatia and abroad. A special focus is placed on the quality and continuous co-operation of traumatologists especially in Central and Eastern Europe, which will be in the future in the Alps-Danube-Adriatic division. Collaboration in the region is necessary and aims at maximizing the use and achievement of common educational and development programs at EU level.
The Congress is held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the mayor of Zagreb and the Croatian Chamber of Physicians.

The topics of the congress will be related to a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of traumatologic patients, with the aim of presenting new findings from the field of all the professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatological patients. We will emphasize that the traumatized patient requires timely diagnosis and the rapid and high quality treatment of acute injuries and their consequences, which is achieved through a multidisciplinary approach and ultimately reduces the risk of death or disability.

Program 5. the Croatian Traumatology Society Congress encompasses a series of educational activities such as
conservative fracture treatment workshops, workshops on contemporary osteosynthetic implants and a special nursing and specialist section. This congress is also 2 at the same time. Croatian - Slovenian traumatological congress, which has paved the way for a good old - age and traditional cooperation between Croatian and Slovene traumatologists.

As part of the congress, some of the internationally renowned traumatologists will join their lectures, one of them being Dr Gilbert Taglang, head of traumatology department at Traumacentra in Strasbourg, France. Dr. Gilbert Taglang is a long-time member of the traumatological team who has been involved in research and development of endomedular osteosynthesis, a biological concept in the treatment of fractures and as such is now irreplaceable. Also, part of the team that introduces and continuously develops improves the concept of anchored nail that represents a mechanically superior implant for the treatment of long bone fractures. Following this pioneering but also revolutionary venture into endomedular osteosynthesis, the International Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis (AIOD), which is chaired by Dr.Gilbert Taglang, is founded.

In addition, Dr. Taglang designed and developed Gamma nail of the second and third generation for the endomedular osteosynthesis of the proximal femur and on this implant in collaboration with Stryker continues to develop the next generation of Gamma nail, which today represents the most widely used method for treating the upper fracture the thigh of the thigh bone, today one of the most common fractures at all. On 5. Dr. Taglang will present the latest findings and his own solutions for fracture repositioning and precision implant placement in the upper fracture of the thigh bone, based on long experience and the knowledge acquired by the working group for dynamic osteosynthesis.

Significant attention will be given to the congress in the field of procedures and perspectives for the treatment of polytrauma, as well as the reconstruction of the pelvis breakthrough presented by prof. Frank Hildebrand, head of the Clinic for Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Hospital in Aachen, Germany. Prof. Hildebrand is one of the leading experts in traumatology, under his leadership a series of projects are being carried out to investigate syndrome compartment, data collection for the registry of the politraum of the itraum database. Prof. Frank Hildebrand comes from an institution that has been the leader in creating a "Damage Control surgery" concept in the treatment of polytraumatized and multiple injured patients who dramatically reduced the mortality rate of these patients.

One of the guest lecturers is Dr. Axel Gästenlen, who works at the Traumatology Clinic in Wolfsburg, Germany, which will outline the principles but also bring the latest information on the treatment of unstable fever breaks. It will also show how traumatology works in Germany, which are its goals and vision and how trauma registries and the German trauma system directly affect the results and development of this dynamic surgical branch. Dr. During his education, Gästenlen worked in Hannover under the patronage of a famous professor. Tschernea. He also specially trained for Pelvic Surgery in Hamburg under the patronage of prof. He was grateful, after which he took over the management of the pelvic surgery department in Hannover. He is now working in Wolfsburg as one of the leading pelvic and acetabulus breakthrough experts, and over the years the experience gained results in the publication of the book "Fractures of acetabulums" published by 2015. He is also a co-author of 85 professional publications. He actively participates in the education of surgeons at the international AO courses of 2003. year, especially in the pelvis area and surgical approaches. As a permanent member of the AO team in Croatia, she is active since the 2010 of the year.

Through lectures, eminent experts and discussion and multidisciplinary exchange of experiences at the congress will present a modern approach to treating the injured. Congress also provides a unique opportunity for information on advanced evidence-based medicine-based operating techniques as well as experiences from system trauma and expert centers.