Police Officers of the Police Station of Velika Gorica have completed criminal investigation of the 24 and the juvenile on grounds of suspicion of having committed five criminal offenses of heavy theft burglary, of which four are in the attempt. It is suspected that they are 6. March 2017. in Gornji Stupnik, Pavlović, broke into a house from which they devoured jewelry worth 10.000 kuna.
Also, it is suspected that they are suspected from January to 5. March of this year, broke into four family houses in the area of ​​Velika Gorica in a way that they entered the two houses together and did not depart from the mentioned ones. In the other two, the 24-year-old cautioned the attention of the injured while the juvenile went into the interior where he was doing things and finding no objects suitable for alienation (money, jewelry and the like) he gave up for further intent and did not go out of the house , where he joined the 24 anniversary with which he later moved away from the venue.
Police officers surrendered to prison in Osijek.