The theme of this year's Eco Academy, which is held in the Zagreb Zoological Gardens during spring holidays, is the weather.
Through a one-day program, elementary school students will be able to meet the meteorologists' experiences - from the prosperity of the rain to the devastating flood power. The whole education combines theoretical and practical knowledge. Students thus learn to recognize different types of clouds, but also to create windmills. Thanks to them, children realize that wind energy is being exploited.
Weather conditions affect everyone alive, even on animals. By dealing with global warming, children at the Eco Academy learn how to endanger polar bears. To make the new information on ecology schoolchildren in the most lively manner, most lectures, experiments and games are held close to red pandas, large bears, crocodiles, unusual insects, snake and colorful birds.
Eco-academy in Garden will be held daily by 18. to 23. April in two terms - between 8 and 14, and 12 and 18 hours.
The program is intended for students of 2. to 6. class who want to learn how to protect animals and nature in a fun and interesting way.
At the end of the program, children receive a charter of the Eco Academy, which confirms the acquired knowledge of ecology.

Entries are in progress, and tickets for participation in the program are 70 kuna.