The premiere of the dance performance "Differences" between the author and choreographer Irma Omerzo will be held on Friday, 24. March at Cinema Lounge SC starting at 20 Hours. Invitations.

Reverb performance: 25. 3., 3. and 5. 4. in 20 hours.

The founder of the art organization MARMOT and the author of many dance performances in his latest project, mixes the dance from the theatrical context into a space that offers his different treatment and perception.

The dance essay on bumps, posting and positioning on the scene brings 4 affirmed dance performers: Lana Hosni, Josipa Štulić, Danijela Vukadinović and Mia Zalukar. They gained artistic experience on domestic and foreign dance grounds.

"The beauty of dance is that the usual forms of moving the human body into abstraction transforms simplicity and limitation into the richness of possibilities, which offers different interpretations of meaning, which on the subconscious level organically communicates with the viewer, creating conditions in which it is possible to immerse, creates focus, dedication, awareness, and distress, which allows for recognizability and anonymity, keeping us distant to better open our senses, "explained author Irma Omerzo.

Designer and choreographer: Irma Omerzo
Performers: Lana Hosni, Josipa Štulić, Danijela Vukadinović and Mia Zalukar
Costume designer: Zdravka Ivandija
Light design: Nikša Mrkonjić
Graphic Design: Boris Greiner

Production: MARMOT in collaboration with Student Center, Culture of Change, Theater & TD