On Tuesday, 21. March at the 12 lessons at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb opens the exhibition "Quiet witnesses of faith, heritage and splendor. Church of St. Nicholas Bishop of Žumberak - Conservation and Restoration Works ".

The exhibition is the result of many years of conservation and restoration research of the Croatian Restoration Institute at the cemetery around the church of St. Nicholas of the Bishop of Žumberak, which was in function of 14. to 18. century. The customs of the former Žumberak population related to life and death have been discovered, and particularly rich and strong devotion. The objects found in graves like the crosses, the crowns and the holy medallions testify not only of personal devotion, of the favorite saints and religious customs, but of the mobility of the inhabitants. The Zumberars went on pilgrimages within today's Croatia, but also in Italy, Austria and Germany. In the crypt at the shrine of the church, a silk vest and leather shoes were found in a nobleman's coffin. Permanent and demanding works, the 17 noble costume was reconstructed. century, and Žumberak noblemen's vest and shoes will be presented to the public for the first time.

During the exhibition there were organized lectures, workshops for children and adults, presentation of books and bridal performances.

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