On Sunday, 19. March, at the Zoological Gardens of Zagreb will mark the World Water Day. The educational program, which includes the guided tours of the Vrta, highlights the value of drinking water and the need for better wastewater management.
The theme of this year's World Water Day is "Why Waste Water?". This is why the United Nations encourages the reduction of waste water generation and their reuse. It is alarming that millions of 663 people have no access to purified drinking water, and nearly two million of them drink water fouled. Just poisoning by using wastewater causes more than eighty thousand deaths per year.

Accelerated economic development and urbanization also increases the amount of wastewater. It is therefore necessary to reduce the personal and industrial wastewater generation, as well as their recycling. Purifying sewage can be used as a source of drinking water and energy. Wastewater from the household can also be used for irrigation of parks, cooling in power plants, washing of vehicles and roads, and washing of toilet bowls.
The amount of water used daily in households and in production in the most developed countries is enormous, and on the other hand, the inhabitants of the poorest countries in the world have a lack of potable water.
To all this, visitors will warn educators of the Zagreb Zoological Gardens and encourage them to take more care of the water - the greatest wealth of our planet.
Thanks to guided tours through the Garden, visitors will be able to hear stories about different water availability in various parts of the world, as well as to familiarize themselves with the animals. It will stop next to the eland antelope, one of the largest antelopes in the world, which can adapt to life in the dry area for a long time without water. A forest of bitter habitats inhabits wetland habitats of southwestern Africa, and predators hide themselves by diving into the water. A similar tactic at the other end of the world has a South American lowland sticker. A charming resident of tropical forests is in danger of running into water or shrubs. The Zebra even confuses the enemy with its stripes. Apart from the fact that her strips serve as a camouflage, her first line of defense is her. Predators can not see its beginning and end, so they do not know what side they are attacking. Educators The kind of such sights come out of the sleeve, revealing the children and whether the zebra is black or white. Black with white stripes! Serval has a rich menu. To catch a bird can jump up to two feet in the air. He also loves fish, so he can swim in swamps and rivers. The European brown bear is an omnivore, and with the service it shares love with fish specialties.
Guided tours of the Zagreb Zoological Gardens begin at 11, 13 and 15 hours, and everyone interested in an interesting story of animals and water at the cash register should take a coupon to participate in the tour in the desired term.