Coach Donatar Donjecka Mirea Lucescu and captain Darijo Srna rushed heavily to Croatian Judge Ivan Bebek (38), pointing out that he should be banned for a further trial in the Champions League after an unjustly awarded penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo and "impressed with Real Madrid."

"I wanted to respect us. That's what I said before the game. Unfortunately, in these meetings against large clubs, the same is always happening to us. With Bayern, Juventus, Manchester ... "Lucescu told a news conference in Madrid where Shadar was defeated with 4-0 after a big mistake at the first goal, red card at the start of the second half and two eleven in the following.
"It hurts to give me this comment, but these judges should not be judged in the Champions League. They do not respect us, and Real Madrid gives us the help they do not need, "said 70-year-old Romanian Lucescu.
Ivan Bebek and five Croatian assistants have been on trial for Real Madrid for the first time Tuesday, while Bebek already tried Štahtar last year in the group of Champions League in Belarus when they beat Bate Borisov with 7-0.
The meeting in Madrid was Bebeku 17. match in the Champions League, and yet 90 has gathered them in the European League or the UEFA Cup.
At Santiago Bernabé already in 20 seconds Cristiano Ronaldo complained to Bebek of the decision to reach the ball for Shakhtar in a duel with Srno who, as he put it, pushed him off the line.
In 32. minute Bebek Šahtar defended Taras Stepanenku to give the first yellow card after starting at Ronaldo and then a serious expression of his face threatened Real's attacker to stop complaining. Following the action, Bebek drew the captain of the Madrid team Sergia Ramos, who was tearfully thrown in the penalty area trying to extricate the penalty shoot-out but did not show him a yellow card.
"There are two ways of trial. The 'inferior' ones show yellow cards, and not big ones. They only alert them, "Lucescu said.
The first half ended with 1-0 for Real Madrid after a serious mistake by goalkeeper Andrew Pjatova who dropped the ball that was used by attacker Karim Benzema. The first few 45 minutes did Bebek without controversy.
In 50. minutes showed the defender Stepanek's second yellow card after he sharply removed Ramos from the ball. The decision was neither appeal nor excluded player.
But only four minutes later, Bebek made a big mistake that caused the avalanche of criticism. Ronaldo shot a tenth of a meter, and the ball blocked Srna's back, which Bebek did not react to for the first time. However, after the signaling of the Assistant Judge he changed the decision and showed the white point.
The angry Srna complained about why he got a yellow card. At that time, Ronaldo showed that Srna defended a hand shot that, as seen in the footage, was not true.
"Penalty that Srna was hiding did not exist. The ball hit the target side. Incredible, "commented Lucescu.
Already in 63. minute Bebek re-awarded the penalty after the ball struck by Shara Marcia Azeveda. A part of the journalist in the first place has ruled the decision as stubborn, but former Spanish judge Andújar Oliver considers it correct.
"There was the first ball hit Carvajal, the defender of Real Madrid," he said bitterly to Lucescu after the match.
Utilizing Second Penalty Ronaldo has brought Real Madrid into the lead of 3-0.
In 75. Minutes Bebek gave a yellow card to defend Ukrainian team Oleksandr Kucher after starting at Marcela, and in 80. Maksim Mališev due to a slippery start on Carvajal away 18 meters from the throat.
A minute later Ronaldo set 4-0's close proximity to a close range after the keeper defeated the far post, causing the enthusiasm of the 66.300 spectators.
"The referee blinked the bar. Real Madrid thus made the game easier. Too bad. Real Madrid is a great team for me, but ... Anyway, I do not have anything left to do with congratulations on winning, "said Lucescu.
After leaving the Bebek, he found himself on a new verbal bout of Srne, who continued to point him to the assistant and his assistants in the field. On the lawn they left alone, the judges and Modric who approached to change the jersey with Srno. After the exchange, Srna reluctantly extended his hand to each of the Croatian judges, not looking into their eyes until Modric calmed down.
Mateo Kovačić was waiting for them on the line, so they went together in the locker room.
After leaving her, they refused to talk to reporters, and Srna shouted, "Bebek to the statement!"
Ivan Bebek and his assistants Tomislav Petrović, Miro Grgić, Domagoj Vučkov, Goran Gabrilo and Dalibor Conjar were not available for comment.