Even though there will be a great battle in the City of Zagreb for mayor, nothing less important is the City Assembly. Many candidates, who know that they have no chance against Milan Bandic, will therefore force their own forces to another parliament in the state. It is also visible by the proposal of the current Mayor to introduce the 6 members of the national minorities into the Assembly and thus, in the end, provided 6 for some future suggestions.

The City of Zagreb or the City Administration headed by the mayor and the City Assembly actually work in a similar manner to the functioning of the Government with its President and the Croatian Parliament. No major decision, especially the collection, can not pass without the Assembly having previously blessed it.

According to the Statute, the Mayor may decide on a maximum of one million kunas. For everything else that exceeds this amount, it must get the green light of city representatives.

Let us just remind ourselves of the previous Assembly convocation. Then Bandic did not have any representative because it was the time he left SDP. His distant colleagues, his deputies, then became angry opponents. The sessions were difficult to pass. The SDPs voted more or less against everything he had proposed because he proposed it. Of course, then they were different times so they did not have the support of the HDZ as well as other parties in the Assembly. This resulted, in the end, as many warned of, stopping construction in Zagreb. In those years in the main Croatian town, cranes and cranes could be listed with one hand.

Who controls the Assembly - controlled by Zagreb, says all the better acquaintances of Zagreb and Zagreb politics, so it is expected that the battle will be no less important for the City Assembly.

Milan Bandic the past elections went well, his strategy turned on. He had a lot of women on the list, all of whom were known to the public. Physicians, engineers, craftsmen, athletes ...

This year, in these elections, Bandic goes on and on - proposes that the Assembly be opened to national minorities, in the manner in which three representatives of the Serbian national minority, two Bosniak and one Albanian minority are given seats in it. This would increase the number of MPs at maximum 57.

But the question is whether this may be the case for the Mayor of Zagreb, as most are against him. At the Statute, Rules and Regulations Committee, the HDZ partners refrained from the issue, while others considered it to be a cheap pre-election populist whose only goal is to buy up the votes of members of national minorities in an over-the-counter election, and to gain their seats in the Assembly afterwards.

Before the session, scheduled for Tuesday, a protest against Bandic's proposal was announced in front of the Old Town Hall. His opponents argue that there is absolutely no reason to bring members of national minorities to the Zagreb Assembly, since the Constitutional Law on the Rights of National Minorities stipulates that members of a particular minority in the representative body of a city or county must only get seats if they have 5 or more. in Zagreb is not the case.

Besides Bandic, the Assembly is also targeting other candidates. MOST's hesitation Marko Sladoljev he is aware that the mayor will be difficult to make in these elections, but he will invest much energy with his team in winning more seats in the city parliament. The same way will go independent Bruna Esih which should announce its candidacy on Wednesday, present a team, and possibly a list for the City Assembly.

We can expect strong assembly lists from other candidates, especially the HDZ and the SDP, who also made a nomination today with the Mayor's nomination. In the last moment, the HDZ has put in the race Drago Prgometa while the SDP has not yet decided - will it support the HNS candidate Anku Mrak Taritaš or they will still deliver their candidate. But it is important for both parties and others to control the Assembly because if Bandic becomes a mayor again, and who, who controls the Assembly, will also control him.

We'll see who will find it all on HNS lists and Sandre Švaljek, and do not forget that the game is still in the game Ivan Pernar which, traditionally, could surprise. There is still the Zagreb Initiative, which brings together many of the dissatisfied 17 years of long Milan Bandic.

The battle for the Assembly could also become a battle for women. The law, let us recall, prescribes so-called female quotas, but so far they rarely held. Only Milan Bandic, in either parliamentary or local elections, did so. But this year and this could be judged - more women, more places. Bandic has already announced, sharing roses for the International Women's Day, to make sure that men on his lists are not undergone. And HDZ's city leader Andrija Mikulić said he would pay special attention to the lists and to respect the female quota. We can expect the same from other candidates and candidates.

In any case, the City Assembly will soon become a new battlefield in Zagreb, when the candidates are leaving the lists. Ultimately, the Assembly is important to everyone - if you are in power, you should have these proposals without major problems, and if you are not in power, you need to control whoever is in power.

Finally, remind us of Milan Bandic and Zagreb HDZ. It is difficult for Bandic to pass a budget that there was no HDZ. If Andrija Mikulić stayed with him and denied the mayor's support of his deputies, we would now be head of Zagreb's Commissioner to be appointed by the Government Andreja Plenković, The Assembly would be disbanded and funding temporarily. Who controls the Assembly, is also controlled by Zagreb, and the candidates know it very well.