Drago Prgomet sets new standards in Croatian politics and therefore many do not like it. Especially in his party. Let them have their own reflection in the mirrors.

His announcement that he will come out of parliament this Monday to dedicate himself exclusively to the struggle for the mayor of Zagreb is unprecedented in our political scene.

Let us remember only the SDP candidate from the past elections who was so confident in his victory over Milan Bandic that he was clamoring for ministerial armchairs.

Only Rajko Ostojić is the only one. Even Anka Mrak Taritaš, while persuading citizens to win, does not leave the chair in the Parliament. Evil did not need this two thousand euros a month for a job he does not even have to come to, he will not even leave. In any case, Rajko may have advised her in these negotiations on behalf of the SDP. And they just talk about projects when they heard that the public did not quite get their split on the armchair.

But Drage Prgomet's decision to leave a lazy place in the Parliament is not as painful as the wisecracks of his main political competitors as his party friends.

Loud and clear to them today said that no one should sit on two chairs and how should they choose between those in the Parliament and those in the City.

And what will now be decided by Vice-President Milijan Brkić, who has seen this week as the HDZ list holder for the City Assembly?

What will the president of Zagreb HDZ Andrija Mikulić decide, but also the secretary Ivan Ćelić? And two of them often abandon the City Assembly sessions to secure a quorum in the Parliament.

If Prgomet remains consistent with his announcements, there should be no one on the HDZ list to reserve a reserve position.

If such a list really is, it will be a big challenge for all competing lists. The challenge to which Sandra Švaljek can only respond at this time. Nor does she have any spare positions.

Even Milan Bandic has his place in Parliament. Marko Sladoljev and Ivan Pernar are guarded by the brilliant chair in the Parliament.

And now, to all of them, the Gatherer Collector told them to stop collecting their chairs. And then he laughs as he honestly cares about the voters and Zagreb.

Zagreb deserves the mayor and city representatives who will dedicate their citizens to all their working hours. Well and more than that, if need be.

What Zagreb would say, Zagreb needs a mayor who will work for him 365 days a year. Do not take a little trip to Rome.