Looking for interviewers for our morning interview is the easiest way to find someone who has moved from Croatia. There is more and more of these, and almost always are young, educated and valuable people, for whom there is no prospect in Croatia. She's been selling a little, wages are even smaller if they even sit at the same time. There is a problem in the West, but they are somewhat ridiculous compared to Croatian problems. His tale was told by Zagreb-based Nikolina Guja, a graduate geologist who went with his family to far Canada.

Why did you decide to leave Croatia and how did it look like?

I went two years ago because I saw that the economic situation will not change in the near future. Why Canada? Because I was the simplest option. There is a program called "Working Holiday", which then, before about 3,5 years ago, played the "fastest finger" principle. Once a year you went out for an open work permit and if you signed up for a while, you went to the second round where you were asked for certain documents - a resume, a certificate of punishment, etc. Then you waited to tell if you got a work permit . I signed up, queuated and sent all the papers. After 3 days, I received a "Point of Entery" letter that when you land in Canada you present immigration workers and get a work permit. This was the easiest way to get me because I worked in the administration in Zagreb (one in a million).

And did your family join you?

Yes, the husband came with a baby after a year - just after I got another work permit. Based on my work and he got a work permit.

What is life in Canada?

Life is simpler, basic things are more accessible to you for life. It's not cheap, but with respect to salary it's not even expensive. I got the same job in the administration of a smaller brokerage company that helped me get another job permit and now helps me with paper for permanent residency. Pay - I work for approx. 2000 to 2200 dollars per month after tax is deducted. It pays me from the starting point of 10,5 dollars per hour in 2 years up to 18 dollars.

Compared to Croatia?

It can progress, gradually. It should be borne in mind that the situation in the administration is the same as in Croatia - this is a job for which you have to have experience, not excessive knowledge (I mean the faculty because I'm a bachelor of geology without a day in the profession). At the moment it is harder to find a job. Alberta is a province that depends solely on oil. And when oil prices fell drastically before the 2 of the year, the whole province was in a deep crisis. The crisis means that their unemployment since the standard 4 percent before the crisis has risen to the 10 percent. A good part of the population has moved out of the province in the last two years and it is quite difficult to find a job, although stock exchanges are being repaired by the arrival of Trumpa. Sadly, one politician can do for the economy of the neighboring state.

How does Trump positively affect Canada's economy, at least one of its parts?

Trump is a politician who "rumbles and stays alive" but is primarily a businessman. He announced the construction of an oil pipeline that would bring oil from northern Alberta to the United States - if a nationwide pipeline is being built, there is a need for labor force - someone has to physically build the pipeline in question. Does It Trump Trump on Canada's Economy - Probably. On Alberta's economy - sure, by building the Keystone XL on the pipeline. The eastern part of Canada is confronted by Trump's selective nature with the constant influx of refugees from Islamic confession. People literally walk for hours to pack in Canada. How will this affect the economy, we will see.

Will you come back to Croatia or plan to stay in Canada?

I would like to stay. I've been to Zagreb a few times since I left because, let's be realistic, the return plane is about 6000 kuna or half of my salary. I think it would be very difficult to get involved with our mentality again. I do not drink coffee more than 3 hours - now I buy coffee for the outside and on the road to work I drink coffee and talk to Croatia. It is hard to imagine that I would give more than 200 kunas for jeans when they cost me a lot of branded jeans. I would definitely go back for a vacation, but live would not love it.

Negative side of life in Canada, are there any?

One huge controversy in Canada - social life is not at the level I'm used to in Zagreb. Clubs are closed in 3, "last round" goes to 2 and after that you can not order tune. There are no neighborhood cafes - local Starbucks is the closest I have. But it's easier to buy a car, to live so that at the end of the month you will have money. Better are services and kindergartens, and basic health care is free.