Will the climb in Zagreb be reduced from the current 18 to 16 percent, we will see on Tuesday, at the session of the City Assembly. Because while Mayor Milan Bandić and his finance chief Slavko Kojić argue that the reduction, proposed by the SDP, will bring almost nothing to the citizens and will endanger the finances of Zagreb, they say that they remain with them because the kuna is more in citizens' wallets welcome. And they are not alone in that opinion.

HNS candidate for mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš has long since announced, presenting its program at the end of last year, how it will, if it win in the May elections, cut off the prize of the Zagrepčani. Hence, it is to be expected that HNS will support the SDP proposal on Tuesday's session. Otherwise, his non-maintenance would mean kicking his own pre-election promises two months before the election.

The HSU, which has recently become a HNS assembly partner, should also go the same way as the formation of a joint members' club.

No SDP, HNS and HSU together do not have enough hands to get their proposal passed, they are all 16, and they need 26 agents. HDZs can help. When we mention the MPs of HDZ, HSP AS and BUZ, we come to the exact 26 representative.

HDZ mayor candidate Drago Prgomet announced a reduction in the prizes in Zagreb, which, according to him, continued the Government's tax policy to relieve citizens. That was the track that was the statement of the HDZ city's leader Andrija Mikulić. Asked whether he and his colleagues in the Assembly would support the SDP amendment, Mikulić did not say they were but did not say they did not.

It only repeated the traditional mantra that the HDZ always votes for good suggestions, for those whose aim is the well-being of the citizens of Zagreb. Otherwise, the HDZ chief of the city says every time you want to support something, and does not want to say clearly and loudly - yes, we will support it. It has been added to it and how to reduce the fringe should be called a real name, and the right name of the crash cut is, more money in citizen wallets.

Additionally, if the HDZ did not support the rebound reduction, Drago Prgomet, as well as Anke Mrak Taritaš, would strike his own pre-election promise two months ahead of the election. And who would be crazy and did something like that ?! That promise is looking after the election, not least before them.

The question is just how it will be implemented because it is hard to imagine that the HDZ will only be able to reach out for SDP's proposal two months ahead of local elections. Anyway, the SDP amendment can only go with HDZ support, as the HDZ could only make such an amendment or proposal with the SDP blessing.

If a miracle happens, before any miraculous choices are possible, the SDP amendment, with the support of HDZ deputies, could pass, which would mean a reduction in the number of 18 points on the 16 post.

They're in vain the mayor Milan BandiHead of City Finance Slavko Kojić today they are trying to explain that the reduction of the prizes to those with average or lower salary in the wallets will bring exactly zero kuna, and those with a little bit more kuna, while at the same time being questioned will come to fill the city budget. They were in vain talking about how SDP's inexpensive pre-election populism is, and even stupid, SDPs keep saying that every kuna in citizen wallets is welcome and they also offer a solution to the lack of money in the city cashier - better to pull money from EU funds, make better use of huge city property.