At the session of the City Assembly on Tuesday there will be an amendment to the Statute of the City of Zagreb, many of which are controversial. Mayor Bandić, and he does not give up, suggests that six seats for members of national minorities, three for Serbs, two for Bosniak and one for Albanian national minority, as in the Croatian Parliament, will be guaranteed from the next convocation in the Assembly. But it is difficult for him to pass that decision, if nothing else, Bandic succeeded in unifying both the Left and the Right, and all of them were told to vote against his proposal.

But Bandic remains with him. He thinks that his proposal of a "civilization reach," not the purchase of minority votes accused by opposition defenders, is a counter-nominee in the election, and also the HDZ's dawning partners.

- Who knows me knows I do not buy votes, because I've been the mayor of all the citizens of Zagreb since 17 years and I do not share people. If there is consensus and people want it, we will do it, and if not then it will not be done, I will be a little sad but I will not kill for it - he said Milan Bandic at a press conference traditionally held the day before the session of the City Assembly.

A protest was announced for Tuesday before the session Civic Initiatives "And I'm Asking Me", who is opposed to Bandic's proposal.

- Although the Serbian, Bosniak and Albanian ethnic communities in Zagreb make up less than 4 percent of the population, the latest Mayor's proposal will allow their 6 seats in the Assembly. This is, in our view, an unfair political move that has exclusively the purpose of political exploitation of minority ethnic communities in Zagreb, all for the purpose of holding the majority in the Assembly - among other things, is called in the invitation of the Civic Initiative "I ask myself".

Minorities in the Assembly spoke of the president of the HDZ, the president of the Assembly, and seems no longer so close to the mayor of Zagreb, Andrija Mikulić. Like the others, he called Bandic's move to populist and pre-election.

- This is a harsh exploitation of national minorities as a lever for additional votes and we maintain that this is a bad message to national minorities in Zagreb by proponents of statutory changes. It seems that the Mayor does not save anyone - Mikulic said and added that the HDZ will not support any such pre-election manipulation and will not participate in the trade of seats at the City Assembly on account of potential votes.

There are similar views and other urban politicians, regardless of colors. SDPs, for example, believe that this will only deepen the gap between the majority Croat people and minorities, while the Independent Representative and the Mayor for the Mayor Sandra Švaljek earlier said that minority minority members are being separated and stigmatized by minority election.

Josip Nalis will get a place in a new township ?!

At the session on Tuesday, there will be a decision about joining Concert Hall Zagreb Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski. Mayor Bandic claims that there is nothing controversial in that decision, but it will be rationalized by the costs of these two facilities that are still under the same roof and work together and adds that this is an old decision, two years ago. He also adds that former Lynx's director opposed this, and now there are no such obstacles, so that old idea will finally be put into action.

But to the question why it is going now, after having failed twice at the head of the Concert Directorate to try to set up Josipa Nalisahe did not answer.

Former director of the Zagreb Concert Directorate, for which we have already written, has not been re-elected to that place. Already two times, Assembly representatives have refused to re-issue, which is why, due to the Bundekfest affair, a heavy 6,5 million kuna in which Nalis is one of the suspects.

We also wrote that Nalis, allegedly, caused the withdrawal of the statement given by Uskoku, where he charged Bandic with close people as the director of the Concert Directorate. Since his reenactment failed, he went to join the Lisinski Directorate and set Nalis to an important place in that new institution, which is the Mayor, he wanted-no-wish, today confirmed.

- The slightest problem with staffing. Mr. Nalis is doing his job right and proper, he will continue to work within a common institution, there is no reason to do it. He has worked honestly and responsibly so far and has no reason to do so. It will only be called differently. He will not be the Director of the Concert Direction but will be the homeowner - assistant to or how the management will be systematized - said the Mayor Milan Bandic.

Anyway, a tiring session is expected on Tuesday. Everything will begin with the aforementioned protest in front of the Old Town Hall, and continue with the current clock and daily agenda full of interesting suggestions. There is, let us not forget, yet a proposal for co-financing the reconstruction of the city facades, which Bandic withdrew from the last session after he realized that he would not pass, refine, and refer to this.