The facades of the building in Zagreb will be renovated. Milan Bandic's proposal, which he withdrew, edited and sent from the last session, has now been supported by the city's deputies. In the next 6 to 8 years, around 5 thousands of buildings will be rebuilt, for which more than 2 billions of HRK will be allocated from the City Budget.

Judgments were made by the Mayor who, after last month's refusal, incorporated the Mayor, but also the amendment of the HDZ, which Bandić accepted.

Recall, the proposal sent to the last session foresees renovation of the facades by zones, in the way that the buildings in the narrow center of the city are the first zone, those in the wider center of the other and other buildings a third zone. Accordingly, the percentage of co-financing of reconstruction was also in the first zone of 80 percent, in the second 70, and in the third 60 percent. It was against this that the HDZs were claiming to discriminate against the citizens.

Bandic corrected it and introduced the same percentage of co-financing rebuilds for all citizens, 80 percent for all street facades and 60 percent for the backyard and all other facades, regardless of which part of the city the building is located.

The decision also envisions the energy reconstruction of buildings, as well as the priorities according to which, for example, they have the advantage of protected buildings, heavily damaged buildings, buildings whose protracted facades pose a danger to passers-by and the like.

The HSLS criticism of vandal-proof grafting was also accepted. In the proposal or the Decision, the obligation to put the antigraphic coating on the facade is up to three meters in height. Thus, the buildings will not be protected from graphitization, but the graffiti will be much easier to remove from them.

HDZ's MPs Bandic supported this decision, but only after their amendment was adopted to extend the six-way Steering Commission to extend the priorities for another 4 member from the ranks of city deputies.

Zagreb Concert Directorate ceases to exist

The delegates also supported the joining of the Zagreb Concert Directorate and the Vatroslav Lisinski Hall into one institution. Bandic and his head of culture Ivica Lovric they justified this by rationalizing costs, especially when considering the fact that most concerts organized by the Directorate are held in Lisinski.

But city attorneys were wondering why this suddenly happened when it was said about two years ago. Then the Decision was already sent to the Assembly, but at the last moment it was withdrawn, and since then there was no word about it.

Now it was again, and that's just after twice as many appointments were rejected Josipa Nalisa director of the Zagreb Concert Directorate. City representatives rejected him, remind, because one of the suspects in the Bundekfest affair, a heavy 6,5 million kuna.

The deputies were curious about why the United States and Lisinski were suddenly united, but they did not get the answer to that question. The only thing we know, as confirmed by the Mayor himself, is that Nalisa is waiting for a new job in a newly founded institution.