The local elections remained a little less than two months. In Zagreb, they are more or less aware of who will represent SDP in that race - whether it will be one of the Zagreb's members, HNS candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš or someone else. It was not yet decided and we were interested in whether the decision would be affected by the potential affair with the HNS candidate who, while still serving as Minister of Construction in the Government of Zoran Milanovic, was in the process of renovating houses in Gunji and other settlements destroyed by floods paying high 1700 euros.

- I'm not familiar with the details of the case. The SDP negotiation team is considering all relevant facts, all options are still open, and the ultimate decision is on the leadership of the SDP City Organization. The decision must be in the interest of the City and Citizens - short was SDP's representative at the City Assembly Silva Žele.

Something else told us another assembly SDP Tin Pažur.

"I'm not a profession and I do not understand the cost of building so I can not adequately judge this issue. But from all that I have seen, it seems to me that the higher price may be caused by the speed of repair and construction, which the Gunja residents were quite satisfied with. But I do not think this can be the thing that is tied to the current SDP and HNS negotiations, and yet it is not an adequate topic for the upcoming campaign for local elections in Zagreb, "Tin Pažur said, adding that it would not be surprising that construction the companies that came to the contest decided to make a little profit.

- I've seen similar examples abroad. Unfortunately, in the capitalism of a business catastrophe is seen as an opportunity for greater profit - added Pažur.

But still, Fear will hope that the tales with expensive squares in Gun will still go to the end, anyone who stands behind it.

"I do not mind that this story is fully tested, yes. I would even publicly announce the names of these companies if it is found that this is how the story goes. So let's know who made the hunt for the suffering of others - Pažur concluded.

In addition to Silva Žele and Tina Pažura, we talked with several other SDP members, but they did not want names to be published. Consequently, the position on a potential affair in which the main actor might be a person whose party may be supported in the elections for the capital is much tighter.

- That's all very bad. So how do we get Bandic's crime with such tails ?! Until now, we have been bothered with the affairs of Milan Bandic for any wrong decision and suspicious business, and now Anka could tie our hands to us - he told Further The SDP is well acquainted with the whole situation in the party and negotiations for Zagreb and added that he fears that this is only the beginning, that Anka Mrak Taritaš will still have much to do.

With the same information, it also has the portal Next. The whole box of incriminating documentation could soon see light, and most of it, supposedly, is just the signature Anke Mrak Taritaš.

For all that, SDP sources tell us, they are louder than those who, if they do not already have their own candidate in Zagreb, would rather support Sandru Švaljek. Colors tell us that the HNS candidate would turn them down to the bottom.

Anka Mrak Taritaš, however, tried to justify on his official Facebook wall and attacked the messenger, Velimira Bujanca who published controversial contracts on Monday in "Bujica", where he clearly states that the square of the house in Gunja was costing almost unbelievable 1700 Euros, as far as the square of the apartment in the center of Zagreb was at that time.

- I have seen various end-of-mouth spokesmen as the first face of change in the City of Zagreb, where after 04.06.2017. will no longer be able to keep the blacksmith marshals, they have decided to observe one of the most important projects of my mandate, which is the restoration of the county Posavina. By this means I am extremely proud of everything I have done for our fellow citizens in the flooded areas, as well as all our citizens who have shown solidarity and great heart in this accident. Regarding the renovation project itself, I want to emphasize that the whole process was open, open and transparent. Co-ordinations and all the public were kept regularly. Remarkable efforts have been renewed to enable children to start a new school year, all public buildings, and most residential buildings have been restored and completed to 15. August 2015. For the selection of the contractor, the public procurement procedure was conducted. All who met the elements of the competition got the job. From 22, the company 19 was working, and 3 was not ready to work since they did not have the resources or the workers. As far as the price of works was concerned, the highest and lowest prices were chosen and the average price chosen by all construction companies. The reconstruction of the building allowed most families to return to their grandparents and nobody because of the flood did not leave the county of Posavina - says Anka Mrak Taritaš.

But in a long story it did not explain why so much price or why it was important who published the information. For nearly two years before Velimir Bujanac, the 24 hour journalist, Gunjanin, was also writing about expensive squares in Gunja, Ivan Pandžić.