"They are performing," "Women 50 +"

Many past interviews we have worked with people who, looking for a future and a better life, happily decided to look beyond the limits of Our Beautiful. Unfortunately, these are more and more. But hope always exists, even for those we often forget, for women older than 50 years. Four of the ladies - Ankica Mamić, Jelena Skorup, Snježana Mlinarević and Mladenka Šarić - were interviewed, and we talked about the newly founded association "Women 50 +" and the accompanying portal "They perform", aimed at waking women of a mature age but also point to their importance to the Croatian society.

You recently launched the "Women 50 +" Association as well as the Media Platform "They Perform", what is this?

This is a female project designed to gather and network women older than 50 years. I would say a female spring, to stay in the season we finally met. "They are performing"We are a media platform where women, men, men and women of different backgrounds and interests can publish. The association is called "Women 50 +" and will deal with topics that are of interest to this age and social group.

With the work you started on the Women's Day?

Yes, we have been presenting the public on the Women's Day, and since then our portal, as a networking groundwork, works and is filled, is already being watched by more than 800 women, and all the more they want to publish something on it. The project is currently being designed for women who are out of work and want to try to solve this situation. The plan is also an organization of public discussions on issues involving women older than 50 years.

What are your goals?

Our goal is to raise confidence in women who all believe that their time has passed and to draw the attention of society to the same fact. The 50 + woman can still give her to her, as well as her entire community. Behind him has a rich experience, is stable, knows what he wants. In fact, invaluable energy. We will do various things - from education to women who are left out of work and want to try something out, to provide free legal and other advice.

Which women, especially those older than 50 years, are all faced with?

In the first place, it is a need for this group to become visible on the social scene, and this will be achieved with the portal. The main problem is the position of this woman on the labor market, and he is disastrous !! Society often looks at her as a person who is over, which of course is not so. And you do not have to look at it from the perspective of Zagreb, but think about how a woman lives older than 50 years, who is left out of business in a smaller place. It was not easy for her, she had no supporters and often struggled with depression and meaning. Our portal is intended for raising awareness among women that they have to look for what belongs to them, for example, representation in politics is embarrassingly small. Nobody has ever given anything to women, there is always a morality to fight, and this is still so today.

In Croatia it is difficult for young educated people, many of them leaving the country in search of a better life. How are women just mature?

Thus, Croatia is unfortunately not hospitable to any of its age groups. Both the young and the more mature, both men and women, are affected. We have turned to the problems of women older than 50 years because we know this well, since we are four, Ankica Mamic, Jelena Skorup, Snježana Mlinarević and me, that we gathered in this project, at the age of 50 +. Croatia is on the paper democratic and protective to its citizens, but when it goes bad, the man feels himself. We women of 50 + want to be supportive. Not four of us as individuals, but an association that will network such women. When a woman 50 + loses a job, the chances of finding others are minimal. We want to encourage those who think about their own project to go to it.

Finance, how will you be funded, will you have an area in which the Association will operate?

Finance is currently zero. All we did, we financed it ourselves. But we will be present at project bidding as well as other associations. So, we count on donations for projects. We do not have a space yet, we work in our homes. In these two weeks we still did not need space, but this is one of the foundations of the organization and we will look for help from the City of Zagreb.

Whose support do you count on?

We count on the support of women in the first place and look forward to the horrible recognition of this idea and wants to join her. It is our motto that one can not do anything, we can do everything together, and that is what we count - to be together, to ask what belongs to us, to point to unequal representation, to ask how the bosses of large state-owned companies as a rule men, that men usually sit in Parliament, that parties usually lead men ... Women are not decorative, but often they agree to such treatment because society is so intoned. Our goal is to drop such patterns, especially when it comes to women older than 50 years. When I say 50, I mean 50 to the end!

Message to end?

We want those who make decisions crucial to the Croatian society to understand that gender equality is not just a word that sounds good at professional and political gatherings, but that it needs to live every day.