Damir Markuš

Vukovar defense attorney, HOS Damir Markuš, has recently found himself under a heavy artillery of unknown groups, trying to discredit and humiliate him in all possible ways. From misdemeanor applications of unknown persons through unsubscribed texts on portals to attack on his family. Markus and his lawyer are preparing criminal charges, and besides him, there were also submarines, Vukovar HOS officers and other defenders, who knew well that they were fighting the Greater Serbian aggressor in war, while in peace he was fighting for the truth of the Homeland War , defenders and their troops, the Croatian Defense Forces, probably the only one in the recent war that has no single stain.

Damir Markuš, except that the defender, volunteer, HOS, is a social and political activist. President of Kutina HSP and member of the Main House of the party. He initiated, among other things, setting up a HOS panel Zdravko Bezuku in Kutina, and is well known for the past year and some day with the suborc Damirom Plavsic all over Croatia and abroad, organized the play "Battle for Vukovar - how we defended the city and Croatia", and promoted its book "58 - HOS in defense of Vukovar and Bogdanovac".

Somehow it seemed to Markuševo's action that he was "someone unknown" about a month ago for greetings "For a home ready", where Markus always welcomes those present, given that this greeting is part of the official HOS mark. Daruvar misdemeanor judge Petar Malivuk Jovanović, however, released Markus accusations that he grew good in public order and peace and insulted the feelings of the national minorities with the explanation that it is not only the greetings but the context in which he is pronounced. And Markus, considered a Daruvar judge, pronounced in the context of the Homeland War and the units of the HOS, rather than the criminal NDH.

Soon there was a new blow to Markus - HOP portal, a few days ago he published a text stating, among other things, that Markuš's wife was among the group of arrested fraudsters in Split, and that Markuš was an advisor to the President of the Republic Kolinde Grabar Kitarović. None of this, however, is true. The text was soon removed, but Markus and his attorney are preparing a criminal complaint against the portal and its editor at these moments Igor Drenjančević.

- In this case, the offense of defamation has definitely been committed and the responsibility for the damage results from the controversial text as the honor and reputation of a number of persons have been grossly violated - he said. Davorin Karačić, lawyer Damir Markus, also known as "Bad Blue Boy" lawyer.

Zvone Ćurković: "Like Markušev commander, I'm absolutely with him"

Markus's fellow soldiers immediately stood beside him, they have only words of praise about him. We talked to Zvonimirom Ćurkovićem, the commander of the HOS in Vukovar, therefore, and Markušev commander who says, besides him, 100 is already 200.

"Markus was obviously at odds, he hit someone. This is a very dirty campaign on a very noble and honorable man who does what he is doing with consciousness, conscience, and heart, so modestly and simply and without a great ego. As warrior was perfect. A small army of the world has warriors as he was - clean, correct, efficient - said Zvonko Ćurković for Next, adding that Markus is pure as a tear, both on a military and political and human plan.

- Looks like he's hit somebody in some of the HSPs. Some of our little leaders are right-wing, under the quotation marks. A man would have expected that these left, under the headlines, had been attacked, but they did not seem to be. Terrible, very ugly and inhumane. They lied, too, that his commanders had come against him. I as his commander stand behind him 200 percent, absolutely - both as a warrior and man and activist. Everyone who knows him knows that he is not a hater of anyone, not a nation. He is extremely good at any man of any nation. Even on this line, it can not be discredited. And his family attack. I know his family very well, his wife and children, and they are beautiful souls. Terrible, so low to go and attack these people, I'm scared - Ćurković is categorical.

Markus is also "Zagreb volunteers defenders of Vukovar"

The ugly attacks were quickly reacted by the Vukovar Veterans' Volunteer Association, whose head was Zorica Gregurić, also a Vukovar defender.

- The Vukovar Veterans' Association volunteers to give full support to our cousin Damir Markuš, the Croatian war veteran, Croatian war veteran and a member of the HOS, a man of heart and soul in promoting the truth about the Homeland War.

The intrusive public attacks launched against the Croatian defenders, which we are witnessing these days, did not spare neither Damir Markus Kutina nor his family. And they are not accidentally timed right now.

It has become commonplace before the election to attack those who promote the truth about the Homeland War and who are socially engaged, especially on the humanitarian agenda. Not surprisingly, the fact that Vukovar's defenders are increasingly being attacked, fake them by false volunteers, puts them in some strange contexts to unduly embarrass them, and defamation and lies are also transmitted at the cost of criminal prosecution. They are taken for the true statements of those who are afraid to sign full name and surname, while official documentation denys.

They invent a non-existent affair, and execute the rebellion of every victim and contribution to the Homeland. Most often it is done by those who have never been in the hell war, and they have read from the newspaper or fictional experiences based on books published by others in the struggles and the aggression.
Calling Damir Markus with a "self-inflicted hero," "an alleged volunteer," "half-hearted", etc., the bottom of the screen shows you and reveals why the target of this pesky and defamatory media is Kutina.

Frequent attempts at degradation of volunteers and defenders who came to Vukovar to help defend the city are no longer a coincidence and sporadic action, rather than the planned strategy of dagger whose joints are provided by an octopus to which Manolić is headed. Everyone knows that just Vukovar defenders and one of Vukovar's commanders are increasingly calling for an official annulment of the so-called " Manolic commissions accused Vukovar defenders of being released by Vukovar.

Therefore, we will closely monitor the continuation of the attack on the Vukovar hero and readily respond and suppress the intentions of Udba's scimitars, and their servants legally neutralize.
Damir Markuš, we want to continue boldly with the struggle for a better Croatia for the worthy dream for which many have given their lives, among them the heroes of Vukovar - said in a letter of support to Damir Markuš, signed by Zorica Gregurić, president of the Association of Zagreb Volunteers for Vukovar.

Damir Markuš did not want to comment on the attacks, saying that all this is not worth mentioning, but he is preparing a criminal record and hopes that justice will be very soon fulfilled.