HNS candidate for Zagreb mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš said in a statement to Nova TV that an agreement with the SDP on joint exit for the capital has been achieved and that formal signature of the cooperation will take place in the middle of next week. However, she was angry with the Zagreb SDPs who would, however, say, should be asked - whether they support it or not.

"I can go to my left leg tomorrow and decide that there is another candidate, not me. So what the woman is thinking about, to speak on behalf of the SDP, and we just meet tomorrow at the presidency of the city organization, where we should decide on the candidate, and then we send this recommendation to the main committee that makes the final decision - he told The Further Revolted SDP. sheep.

The interlocutor is added to us, and after all the president and secretary of the party, Davor Bernardić i He is called Brumnić, who did not have enough courage to go out with their own candidate or decide, for instance, for someone else. If nothing, the candidate in Zagreb is not missing.

"I have heard that almost every candidate body, as well as numerous media, have had incriminating documents about Anka Mrak Taritaš, while he was still working in the City of Zagreb, while he was a Minister of Construction. Well, and that only a part of it is true, enough to cover our heads every time we even have to remember to name Bandic for something - SDP's interlocutor continues.

Finally, angry SDPs tell us that if Anka Mrak Taritaš loses Bandic, and most likely he will, it will be a double defeat for them.