HNS candidate for Zagreb mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš will also be SDP candidate, it was decided at the session of the Presidency of the Zagreb organization and the party. Although the final decision is made by the City Council's General Committee, which should meet in the next week, it has already been issued, as the president and party secretary-general, Davor Bernardić and Zvane Brumnić, are strongly advocating for the whole time, and the coalition and the support confirmed even on Friday, and Anka Mrak Taritaš himself.

As we learn, 6 members of the Presidency were for Anku Mrak Taritaš, 4 was restrained and one against such a decision.

Statements to reporters after presidency session held by Acting President of Zagreb SDP Saša Molan.

Although journalists had a lot of questions, they were given very few answers, and most of all said that they would know better after the Main Board meeting scheduled, that is, the next week.

How will the seats in the Assembly be shared and whether the HNS has continued to persist in eight seats, who will get the Assembly in the form of its president, who will be the deputy mayor, nothing is known yet, Molan claims.

- This is a coalition for changes in Zagreb, for a new way of managing the city, for a more efficient administration, for managing all the resources, for Zagreb's vision of what should be in 21. century, with all the strategies and policies that should have the capital of Croatia. And that is the essence of this coalition, "he said Molan journalists, and similarly before the session he said Dominik Etlinger.

Last year he spoke so too Anka Mrak Taritaš presenting its program, so it does not seem that the SDPs have learned it.

- I do not want to comment. My opinion has been known since before, but the decision has been made and that is it - it is short for Further Anki Mrak Taritaš's decision to comment on SDP's Marko Melčić.

Let's remember, Melcic strongly opposed the support of the HNS candidate, as he said in an interview on The Next Portal - because of the predatory HNS.

Not many other SDPs in Zagreb liked the idea of ​​supporting Anka Mrak Taritaš, especially after having issued the documents with her signature while still being a minister of construction, who saw that the square when he was renovating the house in Gunji paid expensive 1700 euros. The city's SDPs feared that these, but also possible future affairs Anke Mrak Taritaš would tie their hands and slowly pull them to the bottom.

But it seems that SDPs are much bolder when they give unsigned statements, but when it comes out in public and say their attitude, courage is quickly dropped and replaced by traditional Croatian party obedience.