We talked with Ivan Pernar, the candidate of the Living Wall for Zagreb Mayor. In the second round of elections, Bandic and himself are seen, because the two, although Bandic populist, believe they speak the same language - the language of the citizen, not the elite spoken by all the other candidates. Pernar thinks that Esih, Prgomet, Svaljek and even Mrak Taritaš have no chances at these elections, to give them false testimonies. If he wins in the May elections, the first thing he will be caught is that he is a Macro Criminal, say, or a Wastewater Cleaner for which Bandic paid up to 600 million more than he needed. There is much more to Pernar to do if he wins the election, like setting up a drink with drinking water across the city. More in the interview !!

You will run for the Mayor of Zagreb, what can we expect from you?

Well, Bandic works for the fountains. The fountains are beautiful, I do not have anything against them, but I would like to have public utilities and they do not have the city. We here where we are now in Cvjetno have one glass of tea, but we do not have it at Ban Jelačić Square. I think we should have a source of drinking water in the square where citizens and travelers could drink water without buying bottled water or lying in the cafes.

And the public toilet, when are we already in this case, and are they missing?

And so we have a little bit, but we need to do public utilities for the first time. You are afraid that by the heat at the Square you have to buy the water produced by Jamnica. I think it's beneficial to one person.

You mentioned the fountains, we got one in the British square, what do you mean?

I can not condemn, I can boast. Nice to look at Britain. My problem with Bandic is not the fountains, for which most of the catches are, but the macro criminals. It is a wastewater purifier that has been overpayed by a state audit of 600 million and that flagrant contract was signed by Bandic even though his deputy claimed that he was not. This is the macro crime in which the Proclezer is overpaid for the 600 million eurrages and the reason why we pay very expensive water today. This is one of the few exellence examples of poor management of city money that has led to increased services and lowering their quality.

Is not this an additional reason for expensive water and what 50-a percentage of water is losing when it is distributed?

That. Namely, the reconstruction of this water supply network is not a priority of this administration because they have other priorities, and obviously there is no chance of macro criminals and big money. On the other hand, if you change a water network worth 20 million, citizens will not see it, but if you make three fountains, it will all be seen and will be written about it. This is the same order of priority that goes in favor of public relations rather than real citizens' priorities.

What will be the order of your priorities if you win in the May elections, or at least now in the campaign?

I would have caught up with a macroscale. I would urge DORH to prosecute responsible for a pesky contract with the Refinisher that would cost a maximum of EUR 400 million that it is funded in any way other than a public-private partnership where public commitments are profitable, and profits are therefore profitable by the Germans and their domestic associates. In the end, it will cost us a billion euros, and it could cost us a maximum of 400 million.

Priorities will therefore be to fight against macroscopia, to set up waste, to classify waste, because Zagreb is the EU's capital city that recycles at least. We have a timed bomb - Jakuševec. On the other hand, we are in the neighborhood of the city, Ljubljana, which mostly works on the sorting of waste. There are solutions - there are. They did it in Ljubljana, they even recycle 70 percent. So if I am a mayor, I will cover the Ljubljana model.

Priority will also be a free public transport for everyone. Citizens older than 65 years are now free to travel, and my goal is to get them all free. This would reduce the costs of the ZET, meaning that controllers, including many political prisoners, would no longer need it. And now City already co-finances ZET in a large amount. So millions of city hunts are already going to public transport, and he is not free.

Encouraging cycling. Here, you as a parliamentarian have come here by bike?

Yes, I came from Mark's Square, I went down the bicycle to the Flower Square. But I do not have to say that I advocate for it because it implies that when I'm driving it myself.

Also, I'm glad to open the theme of the cable car. This is a project that Zagreb needs. Keep in mind that a lifeline is used throughout the year, let's say the Snow Queen, an event that lasts two weeks, costing a lot of money, millions of people go for, and for which, since leaving Kostelic, there is no interest. We used to track skiing, and today I can not remember seeing it last time, like many other people, and millions still go there.

Would you quit the Snow Queen?

If it is a priority issue and if you have to choose between the lifts all year round and the Snow Queen for two weeks, I'm on a cable car. If it is a question of having a drinking water drink or the Snow Queen where the cannons shoot artificial snow, I'd rather say - a hot drink. This is some of my program that may not be so attractive to the media, but I think it will be more useful to our society than the current order of priorities.

At what level do you enter the election race?

We have people for both the Assembly and city districts and local committees. It is not at all a question of causing this system at all representative levels.

Coalitions, co-operation?

Right now the situation in the city is quite open, the maps are thrown away. We have, on the one hand, SDP and HNS going to a strange coalition, represented by Anka Mrak Taritaš, who is known for renovating the house in Gunji for 1700 per square meter, known for the legalization of buildings that will cost 8 billion . In fact, citizens will list their real estate on their account, and then from 1.1.2018. followed by a massacre in the tax sense, or a property tax against which I will stand as mayor. Our policy will be in the interest of 99 percent of citizens, and not 1 percent. It will be the same policy that will strive for content rather than form. At the moment it is more important to see if a fountain and not 50 percent of water is lost and pay the most expensive water, 27 per kilo.

What do you think of other candidates, a large number of them gathered?

Except Mr. Ice Cream, none of the candidates were born in Zagreb, which I do not consider to be negative, but I want to say that a part of the candidate is not elected because he sees himself as a mayor, but only to leave. So we can see that Bruna Esih has no choice. Drago Prgomet has no choice. Sandra Švaljek has a lap on the right. And the chances of Anke Mrak Taritaš are dubious. She talks about some polls, but I do not know where the mass would support it in the second round of elections, and here's the main reason - Bandic is a populist, he speaks the language of citizens, and all other candidates speak in another language, elite language citizens of such candidates do not usually choose the mayor because they want someone who will communicate with them directly, who will listen to their problems.

You see then in the second round with Bandic?

If you watch the polls and everything, you see that I have ten times more support for online populations than my counter-candidates. Me on Facebook is tracked by 170 thousands of people, and Mrak Taritaš, I do not know, 15's thousands. My biggest challenge will be reaching out to retirees who do not use social networks, which, unfortunately, are usually informed through mainstream media and who, for example, will never see this interview.

Are you going to school, is that part of your electoral campaign, to invite young people to go to the polls?

That. As a mayor I will then be able to go to school by function, which is also the current mayor. I will be able to hear the problems of the youth. I will care what the students think.

Did you go to the schools without notice, causing a huge burden?

That's a lot of propaganda, and very little truth. While everyone breaks their heads, nobody breaks the fact that children are hungry at school, which is increasing, as 330 thousands of people are living in blockades, which collapses Agrokor, which can not repay loans amounting to 45 billion. Again, you have on the Proofing 600 million stolen euros. That's over 4 billions of dollars. When you have such problems, instead of flipping it in, and even in splinters who do not save, their installation is still a must for some miracle, the problems and the fame about walking around the school are being invented. It's a good spin to focus attention on serious problems, like the highway speed. But the news is that Pernar is coming to school.

Likewise, when a pedophile professor for sexual abuse of a student ends in custody, what happened someday in a gymnasium in Zagreb, then you will not hear the Ombudsperson saying that everyone who is naughty speaks that it is in shock and that children are protected from pedophilia or you will hear it speak against The fact that children are exploiting for begging around the city is not interested in it, though it is more serious than some students are painting with me at school.

Truth of Marshal Tito, it will also be the subject of this campaign, should it be changed or left?

My name does not need to be changed because they had the opportunity to do so now so they did not. There will be historical revisionism, that every time the power changes, the name will change. Who knows, the person who gets the name for 30 years could become a traitor, someone who ruined Croatia, so we'll change it again. I do not think those naming debates are an absolute priority, nor do I think about such things to be discussed.

The Message for the Ending?

I'm one of you, I'm not one of them. Behind me there are no special interests neither the privaters who manage the purifier nor the producers who produce bottled water, any company that incorporates distributors, and the like. I will be the mayor, your representative. I will present you and your interest, I will advocate for the things to be upheld, and I will advocate against the bad things. I will focus on the needs of the majority, not the minority, and therefore I invite you to come to the elections and win them together.