Although the SDP leaders in Zagreb guarded his entire career, Davor Bernardic put his knife on their first political temptation.

In negotiations with Ankar, Mrak Taritaš agreed to give all that he was looking for from his party colleagues in Zagreb. From the first 23 places on the lists, HNS will get eight. And this is a very optimistic and somewhat unrealistic estimate of the mandates to which the coalition of HNS and SDP accounts in these local elections in Zagreb.

The same coalition, with the SDP and their mayoral candidate in the first place, won the 17 mandate in the recent local elections.

According to the agreement reached by SDP with HNS, at these first 17 seats, five are going to HNS. They had two in the last elections. By what estimates that same coalition expects to go through these elections, it is clear to Bernardic.

The question is just how to convince their Zagreb SDP leaders, especially those who should do the whole campaign. On Bernard's list of district councils and local councils, Bernardi was even more generous towards HNS. Four years ago, with the HNS, they had only a joint list of the assembly, while these lists were separate.

And HNS was overwhelmed. Now in Zagreb HNS can already open champagne because they will have ten thousand more people and by city councils and local councils than they currently have. They will provide them with an agreement with the SDP.

One SDP in Zagreb complained to us that he did not even know in HNS colleagues that he did not even list the people they offer for common lists in his quarters.

"When I asked him what three names would be on the list for our quarter, he replied to me, my vice president and secretary. When I asked him about the names of vice-presidents and secretaries, he could not even recall them. So much about their organization in my field. Then I asked him if they even had enough members to fill in the lists for the local councils, and he replied that they had friends and neighbors - a SDP city representative and the head of one of their local organizations told us.

His story shows how many SDPs in Zagreb were frustrated during negotiations with the HNS. For as long as Anka Mrak Taritaš said it was independent, negotiations on this coalition were conducted between SDP and HNS at all levels.

The only difference was that Mrak Taritaš was telling his people not to drift away and not to give up, while Bernardic asked them to do as many steps backwards as he needed. Just to sign an agreement with Anka.

Would not it be too tall enough to hide behind her wide backs. He will blame him for defeat if he comes to a defeat, and he will sneak up and set himself in the election night only in case of victory.

Davor Bernardic has been in great trouble since taking over the national SDP. Their popularity falls, and with each new statement, the greatest irritation and fear is in their party. SDPs throughout Croatia are afraid of every new show.

Well, Bernardi was frightened in the chair he just sat in. And he is most afraid of the results of local elections. Where he does not seek winners but guilty. It does not look for people who can take victory in their surroundings, but people who will blame for a bad result. And so save yourself to the party leader.

Even if these culprits are not SDP members, you think Bernard, it will be easier to survive. So it is also ready to support both HNS and Bridge candidates at the same time.

The deal agreed with Ankar Mrak Taritaš Davor Bernardi will expel many Zagreb SDPs from the City Assembly, City Councils and Local Committees. To all those who had been sacrificed for years in the clashes with Ibler and Zoran Milanovic, Bernardic turned his back. To satisfy and settle in the SDP those who have never been inclined to me and who have always been open to it.

How will his most prominent party associates only feel when they see in front of the election lists not only the HNS but also Miranda Mrsić, Gordana Maras and Bojana Glavasevic?

HNS in these elections no longer has anything to lose. And in the event of a defeat, their organization will have more places and influence in Zagreb than ever.

And SDP is never less. It's already a safe bet now. Even if Anka Mrak Taritaš wins. Davor Bernardic explains this to Zagrepčani's concern. How did he step back, two backwards? If you take care of the citizens of your city as you take care of your foreign counterparts, then you poor citizens. And after the agreement has been formally affirmed, Anka Mrak Taritaš will probably be discreetly asked by his main partner to get her out of the campaign.

Would not her appearance with her appearance as Darinko Kosor drifted Sandri Švaljek. Once again, a brave man behind a woman's back. And what Darinko Kosor made of HSLS, could Davor Bernardi from the SDP.

Just to keep the party president. With less and less influences and members.