Zagreb is NAŠ

We talked with Tomislav Tomasevic from the Initiative "Zagreb is ours!" What are their plans for the upcoming local elections, what do you think about current candidates and when to come out with your candidate (or candidate) for the mayor ...

How are preparations for the elections?

Preparations for the elections go well. Last Tuesday we went out in front of the City Assembly with the proclamation and major program principles with the support of 400 members and sympathizers. Soon, we will come up with a program that will enable citizens to comment and campaign through quarters.

How much support do you expect and to which layers of citizens count?

At least we expect to enter the City Assembly. We count on the citizens dissatisfied with this kind of city management, and especially the disappointed voters of the SDP, whom SDP has issued through its policy in the city and at the national level.

Candidate for the Mayor, When and Who?

The name of our candidate or candidate for Mayor will be published at the end of the week.

To which level do you go to the city elections?

Let's go to all the 4 levels of authority. In addition to the mentioned list of mayors and the City Assembly, we will have together with the partner parties of the candidate list and the councils of city districts and councils of local committees. It is precisely the latter level of government that is closest to citizens in neighborhoods and we want more powers to make available budget and spatial planning going to that level.

Comment on the RTL survey according to Mrak Taritaš and Bandic in the second round?

This is somewhat expectable, but it is far from choice. About the current mayor I think the worst, but I do not even think that Mrak Taritaš represents a turning point in the management of the city that is needed.

Other candidates, what do you think of them?

Right now I do not want to comment because I do not share their worldview. The strongest candidate of so-called. the left is Mrak Taritaš who runs the campaign as if he is an independent candidate, and people forget that the president of the city's HNS is leaning on the building lobby. Behind Svaljek is HSLS, and I can not even forgive her that she went to the elections after Warsaw and all Bandic's affairs, and after that elections was the right arm. In essence, almost all candidates belong to parties such as SDP, HNS, HSLS and HDZ, who have been with Bandic in the last 16 years and have been in power. These parties are the most responsible for the current state of the city.