GO Cut

Prior to 19, the first Astralis was held at the cult Club Zagreb Best. Since then, a lot has changed, grown-ups of generations have grown, young people have turned more and more to the slightest eastern notes, but the Astralis team did not dare to cheer. They also had their ups and downs, but their baby, their project, is still alive and healthy today. On the seventh day of April, on Friday, we are expecting another release of probably the longest Croatian project of electronic music - Astralis, where it all started before the 19 years in Best. We talked about that with Goran Vlajić more familiar as DJ GO Cut.

Let us remind ourselves how it all started, still in the late nineties?

Everything started with 1997. Duo Goran Štefić and Damir Ludvig completed the case in Taiwan. They had to make a single, but instead of singing, they made a whole album - "Land of Utopia", which still has the cult status among the trance sound lovers. When they came home, it was supposed to be somehow promoted. We did not know any of the promoters and then we decided to do it ourselves. At that time I worked at the "Turbo limach party" at Best and had, let's say, the "link" in that club. We found ourselves with the owners, we explained to them what they were doing, but they did not really believe we would succeed. They gave us a Sunday on Easter Day for our party and said - if it succeeds then we will agree on the next. And so it went. Interestingly for this first Astralis is that two days before the party, only three tickets were sold and everything was smelled like a blunder, however, the other day - the day before the party, there was no single ticket for pre-sale, the whole party was either sold out. So, two thousand people, that, karst and fracture. And that's it, since then we are doing the party, at the joy of many generations.


You had your ups and downs, if we could call it that way, you went to the clubs to go back to where the whole story started - at Best?

We were in almost all the clubs in Zagreb who were dealing with such music. We were even in Kulušić who was a rockabilly club at the time, we had one or two parties there, we were in Depou - I especially appreciate it because it gives the opportunity to young DJs, Aquarius, which is a cult place that also experiences some its ups and downs, but Best has always been special, we started there and we love to work there, we have some feelings about that space. Last year, that big return occurred, the club re-opened the door to electronic music and we are on the audience's satisfaction again there.

Up to now, Astralis has hosted a number of DJs from all over the world, but somehow have you ever been associated with the Astral Projection duo?

Of course, Astral Projection, somehow the story goes with them because Avi Nissim is one of those guys, he was on this first party, they also marked our 10 anniversary, and they came in between. But some of the local DJs who started with us started to grow up with us, who grew up with us now, who now burns and falls into a domestic scene. Of all the DJs of Radio DJ Academy, and techno DJs - like Tea Harude, Fabian Jakopetz and many others. With a lot of them we worked together and I'm glad we kind of do our part in this scene. So, I'm most looking forward to leaving a trace on our domestic scene.

What is this scene today, especially when compared to what you started - is there any other passion, party charge, public interest?

I think the scene still exists, that it is strong and that we all have to work together to be even stronger, primarily to strengthen domestic projects, producers, domestic DJs. We work hard in our own way. We mostly played psychedelic trance and techno, but we had on their parties and other flora. We played top house DJs, techno DJs, we had drum and basso, we also experimented with other styles. We do not like to limit ourselves, but we are still working for almost 20 years so that there are various electronic music channels on Astralis.

As far as parties are concerned, I think it feels good, the audience is having fun. If the music is good, and the fun is good, and that's the goal, make a good party for everyone to have fun.

And to end most importantly - 7. April is expected by another Astralis, Best, 19. anniversary, top guests?

Yes, 7. April in Best 19's Astral Anniversary. For the first time, Kris Kylven, the main guest, from the "Ultimate Xperience" and "Juno Reactor" projects, the top musician, Prince of Trance, is calling him with his charismatic look and top quality music. There is also an interesting return to the local Cortex Thrill project after the same 10 and more - a great return as Astralis are planning to promote new stuff coming to Bonzai, and their tracks are on our new compilation. Of course, from the resident, we are still Damir Ludvig and me. What's interesting is that CD compilation I'm talking about will be a present to our audience. All who come to Astralis and buy a ticket will receive a copy of the CD from the 15 top tracks of domestic and foreign producers.

We also share the fastest tickets - the first three mails arriving at the address tomislav.radnic@dalje.com with the name and surname and the answer to the easy question - why I love Astralis, will get one ticket for Astralis party 7.4.2017. Good luck!!