With independent political analyst Davor Gjener we talked about upcoming local elections in Zagreb.

The Genre thinks that the polls, failing to enter the grounds, are wrong. He believes that the first round of May local elections is certainly part of the current mayor Milan Bandic while in the other one would win an independent candidate Sandra Švaljek. Anka Mrak Taritaš, clarifies, after the first round there are no new voters that could draw on their side, it can not count on either the center or the right, while Sandra Svaljek can.

These are, Genuine Grievances, the first elections after a long, long-running competition, and Bandic for the first time has 50: 50 a chance - can win again, but it can also be lost.

Bruna Esih, says Gen., has no chance of entering the second round, but she and her list will have a good result, while adding that, in the Mayor's election, she will certainly have a better result than the HDZ candidate Drage Prgometa.

Ivan Pernar, explains our interlocutor, in the local elections will not achieve the result as in the parliamentary, given that the local outflows of smaller voters between 18 and 35 years, and they are precisely their "voters".

It will be interesting, concludes Gen., to see the elections for the City Assembly. There is a possibility, he believes, that the future mayor has no majority in the Assembly

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