HSLS, Great Stream

The Zagreb HSLS hosted another one in a series of press conferences in Črnomerec, near the Great Stream, whose decoration and control has been promising for ten years now. Works have begun, but their completion is not over yet, although in the project of renovation and construction of collectors so far "invested" tens of millions of kuna.

- Today, in the pre-election period, when the City of Zagreb repeatedly represents the project of the Sljeme cableway, although it has obviously been a long time since the end of the same, we remind one another, if not the financially largest project of the City of Zagreb, started ten years ago. The Grand Stream and sewerage project has so far been repeatedly exploited for the presidential election of mayor Milan Bandic, and citizens of the City of Zagreb spent over 100 million kuna. Unfortunately, the ending of the same does not seem ending - the HSLS said.

The project of the Great Stream and the construction of a sewerage collector, argue, best describes the actual work of the Zagreb City Administration over the past ten years - surface, disinterest, irresponsibility, incompetence, non-transparency, concession and enormously spent resources that were sufficient to build Sljeme cableway.

- In the light of the hyperinflation of the new promises and the Mayor's projects, we remind that the citizens of Črnomerca have no basic communal connections and that the priorities of the city should be primarily the completion of the communal infrastructure in Črnomercu, but also in other districts, and then the realization of the Great Stream project.

They called on the mayor Milan Bandic to say that on the final days of his mandate, he completed the long-started and paid projects of primary importance to the citizens of the City of Zagreb, and did not launch projects for pre-election purposes, which he is unable to complete in this mandate.