The unscrupulous tenants of Rapska Street in Sigečica have again thrown heavy waste in the street, although it has not been taken for a long time. A month ago, about what we wrote, someone was knocked out of a bigger amount of bulky waste by the mixed communal waste container. Several other tenants took advantage of the opportunity and even put their big waste in the same way, which eventually resulted in a huge bunch of old boards, white techniques and the like. Cleanliness is, after Article Portal Further it has picked up, but now it is creating a new bunch of waste in the same place.

We also remind ourselves of the answer of the holding company Čistoća, which we received after the question of the disposal of large waste in this way:

- The Law on Sustainable Waste Management prohibits the disposal of large (bulk) waste in public areas. This type of waste can be deployed free of charge to the recyclable yards or ordered by the buyer without the additional charge twice a year via the bulk waste removal request form received at the home address. A properly completed request can be sent to the address Zagreb Holding, Čistoća Branch, Radnicka cesta 82, 10 000 Zagreb, to the mail address or fill out an e-Request at the internet address We are responsible for submitting a response to a waste delivery request within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request. Schedule we provide service to 2017. year was also published on, and citizens can get to know it by calling our call center on the 072 500 400, 0-24 watch phone all days of the week.