Pero Kovačević, source: Facebook

Lawyer, a former MP in the City Assembly, former MP, Pero Kovacevic, commented on the upcoming local elections in Zagreb. Who will win, and who will experience fiasco, what will happen at the City Assembly and how the two biggest Croatian parties have totally defeated the candidates ...

Who could enter the second round of elections, and who could win?

This will be the most uncertain mayoral election in Zagreb. A lot of uncertainty came from Bruno Esih when he announced his candidacy, so it would be a great fight to enter the second round. The real chance is Milan Bandic's current mayor, Anka Mrak Taritaš is also in great difficulty given the SDP support. Sandra Švaljek is also in great chances, and I think Bruno Esih is in combination. It all depends on the number of voters who will come out on these elections. But in any case, it will be an uncertain choice.

Bandic in the second round is safe, but who has the chance to beat him there?

According to current realistic surveys and forecasts, Bandic definitely joins the second round. Anka Mrak Taritaš is also in great trouble, if DORH does not do something about the darkened minimum of 17 million for reconstruction and construction of houses in the county of Posavina, but in Croatia it does not mean much, we have a lot of affairs, no missing affairs.

According to the current state of affairs, it is likely that Bandic will be in the second round, and if Anka Mrak Taritaš comes in with it, he will get the maximum in the first round and realistically expect him not to win in the second round. Bigger danger for Bandic is if Sandra Švaljek gets into the second round because he is the one who could win him in the second round.

As for Bruno Esih, if she entered the second round, it would be 50: 50, but the overthrow would go to Bandic's side, because then the SDP and HNS voters would rather vote for him than for Isaiah.

The HDZ has dragged Princeton last time into the race, what are his chances of doing so, but also how compromised by the frequent change of the teams he plays?

Drago Prgomet, like Pernar or Ice Cream, has only theoretical chances to enter the second round, because he is a candidate, there are no other chances. It is more likely that Drago Prgomet will have far fewer votes than Bruno Esih, so that his score will be in the rank of Margarete Mađerić at 2013. because it is evident that he does not know Zagreb and can not answer the questions Zagreb needs. Also, the HDZ should have a unique candidate, say Bruno Esih, then that would be a completely different story, so it will end in the endlessly. I know him well, we worked together in the Defense Ministry, about him as a doctor and a Croatian defense attorney all the best, but on the political plane I gave myself more autogol.

HNS and SDP come together on the elections, at all levels, how do you comment on what the SDP has literally made available to HNS?

It is interesting how the relations within SDP leadership are. But objectively speaking, the SDPs in these elections, as well as the HNS, are very bad about what they had previously achieved. In these elections, I expect the voters to come together and make good results with independent lists led by honest and moral people.

A great battle will also take place for the City Assembly. Can anyone have the majority? More likely are big coalitions?

There will be a great battle and it is realistic to expect that no one will have some 18-19 representative seats. Coalitions are unlikely. One is likely to be Bandic's party and HDZ, the other is possible between SDP, HNS and Mrs. Sandre Švaljek. Anyway, it would be interesting to see. We need to see who will become a mayor, as this is a completely different situation in the majority of the city assembly.

Ivan Pernar from the Living Wall, Marko Sladoljev from MOST, and Tomislav Tomasevic is the newest candidate from the initiative Zagreb is ours?

Tomasevic I know, he is a big activist, but unfortunately, there are not some great chances, but his appearance and the percentages he gains means that Sandre Švaljek and Anke Mrak Taritaš will be reduced. And Pernar is enough to say Pernar, there is not much to point out, he has become a media star, but in his media appearances, he destroys himself with little weird moves. And most, I think it would be better if they did not have a candidate because Ice Cream apparently did not understand how Zagreb works or what works, which is done by local commissions, which is local self-government. It is evident that in these elections, MOST and LIVE Wall will be very bad for them because they have no recognizable candidates at local levels, and national level moves are beginning to harm them.