If their existence was not prescribed by law, there would probably be no single public telephone booth in Zagreb, they are considered by the city's HSLS who warned at the press conference on the smaller telephone booths in the main Croatian town and on the catastrophic state of the existing ones.

- Croatian telecom, a company that realized 7 billion in revenue last year, started weeks ago with the dismantling of existing public telephone booths in Zagreb, with the end of 2016. year was almost a thousand. In the end, all of 526 will remain in the whole of Zagreb, as prescribed by the Law - HSLS deputy attorney at the City Assembly warned Alen Ostojić.

It is equally, Ostojic believes, for that guilty state and mayor Milan Bandic who, together with the leading people of Croatian Telecom, ignores the needs of citizens and tourists. He remarks that part of the telephone booths, according to the law, should leave what they are, but edit, refine and transform them into multimedia booths already owned by Western European countries.

- We are asking ourselves again - when will this new generation of speakers, the digital multimedia kiosks, be called in the world. Vienna, Paris, New York, here, London has just started setting up these multimedia digital speakers this year and will also plant a single tree as a message of the need for a clean environment - emphasized Ostojić.

He also recalled that in the current assembly session in December last year he proposed to mayor Bandic to drink coffee with the director of the Croatian telecom and asks him when he will start setting up new speakers, which he has not done.

Finally Ostojic concludes that Croatian Telecom is not the only operator providing telephone services, so if he is not in the interest of setting up such booths, why not give it to another operator. This, he suggests, could be a joint venture between the City of Zagreb, the innovator and one of the telecommunications operators.