Sandra Švaljek, photo: Slaven Janđel

Independent candidate for Zagreb mayor Sandra Švaljek, together with her team, was in Monday afternoon in a public visit to Savica, Folnegović settlement and Krugama. In direct communication with citizens she learned the main quartet problems and talked about the solutions that he will spend in his mayor's mandate, of course, if he win at May local elections.

Citizens agreed - City can successfully solve problems when setting priorities that are really important to citizens, such as day-care in schools, two-hour work of kindergartens, neighborhood parks and places for socializing retirees and waste disposal, she said Sandra Švaljek.

Krugers regretted her for the unpleasant smell that spreads over the warmer days of Jakuševac, because of the (non) waste management in Zagreb. Interestingly, Kruge is not a neighborhood in the immediate vicinity, but it is located north of the Slavonian Avenue, and the air distance is more than 3 kilometers.

The mobile app has recorded more than 10 thousands of steps in this tour, and in the coming weeks it will go to other neighborhoods in Zagreb to talk directly to citizens.

A new spokesperson

After her Staff cut off the co-operation with the other spokesman, let's remember, the first was Martina Šušnjara, and then Jana Peršić, Sandra Švaljek again has a person who will communicate with the media. Third happiness, I hope, and for the first time it is not a spokesperson but a spokesperson, a young political scientist Dean Sarcevic, a former spokeswoman Mirele Holy and its ORaH.