The Croatian Film Association, a user of the building and the Tuškanac cinema, sent a dramatic letter to the media on Monday, stating, among other things, that the cult theater of Zagreb, one of the last "old bucks", before closing, to which it was located could be converted into a luxury hotel. It seems that none of this is true, at least to believe in the head of the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport Ivica Lovrić who spoke on that question and said that everything they wrote in HFS - is not true.

The Croatian Film Association for Thursday even announced a protest action "Give Me Cinema 2", named after a similar ("Give Me Cinema") to save Europe's cinema. It does not seem to be necessary in the end because since the closure of Tuškanac, the emigration of the Croatian Film Association from the building and its transformation will not be anything. We transmit the letter of the deputy head of Lovrić in full:

- Offered by the inaccurate inscriptions in the media regarding the publication of the "Give me Cinema 2" initiative initiated by the Croatian Film Association, we are reporting to you that the Tuškanac Cinema Association is listed on the basis of the contract signed by 2005. year for an indefinite period of time.

Furthermore, the activities of the Croatian Film Association for all these years are financed from the budget of the City of Zagreb, in accordance with the Culture Program's public program, which continued in 2017. and confirms that the work of the Croatian Film Association has never been questioned.

The City of Zagreb has preserved the cinema of Europe and the Tuškanac cinema for their basic purpose, renewed the summer stage of Tuškanac, and soon returns to Kinoteku citizens enough to talk about the care of this city administration for Croatian cinematic heritage and the Zagreb cinema hall.

From all the above, it remains unclear why the Croatian Film Association has launched an action called "Give Me Cinema 2" within which incorrect information was provided. We do not even want to think that this action that deceives and disinforms citizens has to do with one of the political options in the City of Zagreb - says the head of the GU for Education, Culture and Sport Ivica Lovrić.