Sandra Petrž, photo: Zlatko Gašpar

At the end of this month, more precisely, 27. April, the first rights, the great promotion of the autobiographical book by Sandra Petrž "Sandrocka abused" will be held at the premises of the Party of Labor and Solidarity in Prague 5, with the professional moderation of poet and journalist Željko Krznaric. Except for the book itself, the word will be a plague that, like the last few months and years, is taking wormwood, women abuse, and the inefficiency of punishment of abusers. We talked about everything with the author, the former abused girl and wife - Sandra Petrž.

This is, therefore, your first right, the great promotion of the book. What does that mean for you?

My book is out of 2015. years. The first promotion was the same for me. My profile has fired me on "Interliber" and that is it. This is now 27.4.2017. is the first great promotion I dreamed of. After her, I think I will open another door - one and the other, the third. From my knowledge, the book is very read and I do what I want - my inbox shows abuse of women, single mothers, and I'm not in a position to support them as they should, but I'm always there for them and encourage them to speak in public . Thank you for your feedback.

Mayor of Zagreb Mayor Bandic has given you the space to maintain the promotion and, in fact, has been supporting you since you met him?

Anyone who talked about Mr. Bandic I can say this - I'm grateful for free textbooks. He is the person who heard my speech because I had the chance to find 2016. on the BM365 party list for 2. electoral constituency as a coalition partner just along with Mr. Bandic. He then realized what I was the "typewriter" and the fighter for truth and justice. He has already demonstrated his humanity and supported me in behalf of all abused women and children. He supported me in the desire to make a book promotion and to support the victim of abuse in his space. I have completely unresolved hands and I absolutely designed and organized the whole program - called each guest and wrote a bunch of mails and they all received a valid response on arrival. I am proud of myself and I hope that others will understand what capacity I am and how versatile I am. I hope for further support. I'm endlessly grateful.

The book you will introduce, "Sandrock abused", is your autobiography?

Yes, "Sandrock abused" is my autobiography. I am a former abused girl and woman, and I have publicly called all my abusers.

Sandrock abused

How to be a woman, be an abused woman, fight with an abuser, with institutions, seek justice for years?

It is difficult to be a woman - girl, girl, if you are abused. Yes, it is very difficult. It is difficult to be a single mother in this world today without empathy, without any sense, in the world where the rulers of soulless and soulless robots want only material. So what does this mean to a bruised woman or her sad child with fears and nightmares ?! It is generally difficult to have a female gender.

Much of the book "dedicated" to singer Danijel Popovic, your former wife-abuser?

What can I say about Popovic, and I have not said that before? Ten years of fighting by courts without a real punishment. We are punished son and me, not the one who should be. Ten years of the same story about irregular payment of the alimony or no payment at all. He has been sentenced to two times conditional sentence, but then he is paid in the last minute, and then we go from scratch. The indictment is currently being issued for the third time. Popović 7 had not seen a son, and now, when he is worried about him, he has decided to come up with a message: "WHAT IS TIME FOR DISCUSSION? TI AND I AM ". So how do I understand this message? Like a threat, like? Is this how a father who 7 years has not seen his son? Such a person only deserves punishment.

Sandra Petrž, photo: Zlatko Gašpar

Do you think you've made a mistake somewhere that you have to go somewhere else in the way?

Only where I made a mistake was that after the first blow I did not go forever. Abused women with their silence protect the abuser, not themselves and their children. Let's think about it. Let them encourage and speak as soon as possible. The time has passed when we're in the shame and the neighbor's silence. Those times have passed.

And for the end, messaging to women, messages abused?

For the end. I am doing this promotion to honor all abused women and children. I thank once again your son, wife, Mr. Bandic, your media and friends. I know I'm doing something big, I know the hall will be full and I know I'll help at least one other woman. I travel in truth and truth. That's the only real path.