Ankica Mamic, source: Facebook

Local elections are in front of the door, almost every day comes out surveys giving priority to this or that candidate, depending on who orders them and executes them. We talked about communicating expert Ankica Mamić. What about the upcoming elections and the fact that Bandic finally has the right competition. Is there any competition at all or just that, what do you think about some candidates and their chances ...

All the mayoral candidates are known, there are a lot of them, Bandic for the first time has the right competition?

Bandic has a fair competition, that's right, but I think she is not strong enough to blow up and share the actual threat to Bandic.

Two big parties have been downplayed with the candidates?

Yes, I always say that two big parties have left Zagreb for years on the margins of their political action and that they have not produced and presented the citizens to the right candidate.

Why, do they happen by accident or intentionally?

I do not know, it is hard to say that this is intentional because if it is deliberate then it is neither good nor pragmatic. The SDP is a party that during the time of Ivica Račan did not pay much attention to the organization, he considered that the organization was irrelevant that it was important to enter the world view. However, HDZ had somehow left that space in Zagreb to Milan Bandic, it was consciously either unconsciously, intentionally-unintentionally. But the fact is that they are not a serious candidate nor presented to Zagreb. Here, we also see this story with Drago Prgomet. Let's just remember when Zoran Milanović removed Davor Bernardic from the election race and put Rajko Ostojić in it - nor did it help Ostojic, Bernardic had this to be a deserter, creating a problem for voters because Ostojic was not an expression of the will of the SDP voters in Zagreb. That is also the HDZ working with Progomet. Eto, Mikulic was better than Prgomet in all research. Bad, but better than Progometa. Now, if you take the head of an organization and replace it with a better candidate, OK, but if you change it worse then that's a double bad decision. Both parties are doing this and Zagreb is becoming a fertile ground for various weird candidates.

Anka Mrak Taritaš, her survey gives her a good result, but she has an affair with expensive squares in Gunji on her back. However, she ignores it too much, she did not even give an explanation - why did the renovation quadrant cost the 1700 Euro?

Well because he's gone, no explanation. That affair, by my side, was open too soon, if she wanted to harm her. Well, and Ivan Pandžić from 24 hours wrote about it, but that was pretty unnoticed, because she was only one of the candidates in the parliamentary elections at that time. Whoever opened the affair now, he had to wait a little longer with her. But the fact is that all of this is now in favor of the current mayor.

Sandra Švaljek, her campaign, chances?

I think Sandra Švaljek has a complete lack of positioning. In the first two years the mandate was positioned as someone who admired Milan Bandic, and now positions himself as someone who has resisted Bandic. And as soon as you have to be positioned against the counter-candidate, that means you do not have your own public image built. She, for one thing, is not independent. Thus, Anka Mrak Taritaš represented, but when he received the SDP support, he stopped. Similarly, Sandra Švaljek is not independent, behind it is HSLS. And everyone knows that. But what none of the citizens should remember, that Svaljek has become politically relevant person since Bandic invited him to be a deputy. So, she presented her political career as the biggest supporter of Milan Bandic, for the first two years, and is now trying to position him as his greatest opponent. I think that's both pretty unconvincing.

Bruna Essih, what do you think of her, her candidacy?

She is very nice, very nice, has a good public appearance, however, a pool where she is very small in Zagreb. Regardless of what you do not see, you can not see any extreme right position, but public perception is such that the extreme right candidate in Zagreb is simply not enough to make it a relevant candidate. So in Zagreb there is no point.

And the last question, the City Assembly - is the big battle around and around it?

I think SDP loses or gets lost there in Zagreb. They think of HNS as much as eight seats, which is much more than the HNS's objective force in Zagreb. This could be a boomerang to the SDP because they should not revive the HNS in Zagreb. Because HNS in Zagreb does not exist if the SDP does not live up to it. So the SDP must get convincingly to show that they have at least an organization. Bernardic must at least be recognized as positive, whatever he was and whatever he thought of as a politician. He held the party in Zagreb at a high level, the highest rating. However, Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and there is a national and not just communal policy. In that sense, I think he would have to make a good score on the Assembly list. If he does, then he has nothing to complain about. It will be a question for him, what results do he make in Zagreb, that will mean whether or not these elections have been won or lost.