Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic all congratulated Zagrepčankas and Zagrepčans for the largest Christian holiday, Easter.

Bandic's Easter Compliment is in full swing:

Dragons of Zagreb and dear Zagrepčani,

happy Easter feast of faith, hope, peace and joy!

May us the universal messages of Easter to be a source of inspiration and guidance in our everyday life, giving, sharing and solidarity with others the true way to a happier and fuller life!

May life joy, perseverance, optimism, and solidarity with our neighbors be based on which, together with the problems and challenges of building a better, more just and successful society - our Zagreb and our Croatian homeland!

Easter celebrated on the same day in Gregorian and Julian calendar, Mayor congratulated Archbishop of the Metropolitan of the Zagreb Archdiocese of the Cardinal Josipu Bozanić, to the President of the Croatian Bishops' Conference in Monsignor Želimir Puljić, Archbishop of Metropolitan of the Vrbas Archbishopric, Cardinal Vinku Puljić, Bishop of Serbian Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Zagreb-Ljubljana and all of Italy Porphyry to Perić, archbishop and protoneman in Zagreb Dušan Spasojević, the proletariat of the Macedonian Orthodox Church for the Republic of Croatia Kirku Velinskom and the Apostolic Nuncio in Croatia to Monsignor Nj.E. Alessandru D'Erricu.