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The last weekday Jutarnji chat we made with the secretary of the Party of Labor and Solidarity with Nenad Predovan. Topic, of course, the upcoming local elections. Milan Bandic for the first time has a strong competition, the real challenger. What in his relatively young party thinks about how, how are they preparing for the elections, at what levels do they stand out, what do they think of anti-candidates ...

How are preparations for the upcoming local elections?

The preparations are excellent. In Zagreb, we have the most powerful party infrastructure and we will go to all levels - for the Mayor, City Assembly and all 17 City Districts and 218 Local Committees. With the results of the policies implemented by Mayor Milan Bandic and with further projects for the safe development of the city and better conditions for a quality citizen's life, we are going to win in Zagreb.

Do not you just go to Zagreb elections?

We will also make elections in municipalities and cities in 15 County. In these environments, we have strong candidates who will achieve remarkable results. When it comes to lists for county assemblies, we expect the Party of Labor and Solidarity in at least two counties, Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina, after these elections to be the third political force.

Strong battle will also be run for the City Assembly?

Strong battle will be conducted not only for the assembly level in the City of Zagreb, but also for councils of local committees and city districts. So carefully we prepare lists. It is very important that the lists are the best people not only because of the "strong battles", but above all because in the City of Zagreb, as in Croatia, councils at these lowest levels of local self-government have the power to make sovereign decisions on issues raising the quality of life in their living environments.

Local committees and city districts for this purpose will have three times more money from the next election - from the 250 million kuna they had on the annual level in the past period, these funds will climb to 750 million. This is more than the budget of many cities in the Republic of Croatia. Managing such resources in the function of better living in the environment in which people live is a great responsibility and challenge. In Zagreb, preconditions have been created for the full potential of development of immediate democracy.

That is why our list will be the best candidates from the party. If there are better non-partisan people who support the program principles of the Party of Labor and Solidarity and want to join us in the battle for the development of the city, then these people will be on our lists for councils of local committees and city districts and on the list for the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

Daily public forums are held throughout the city. Why, and are they preparing for the elections?

That's right. Every day we hold stands throughout the city, and we are also responding to calls for forums outside of Zagreb. At the forums we talk about twenty topics in the interest of citizens. These are regularly places of good conversation, exchanging experiences and opening up prospects for particular areas of life. In addition to the forums in our club rooms, we also hold exhibitions, recitals, music events and other forms of gathering citizens.

In this context, I emphasize the work of our open Counseling especially for vulnerable groups, citizens who are blocked, defenders and their families, people with disabilities and children with developmental difficulties and counseling related to retirement insurance.

All these activities are organized by Milan Bandic and Vojvodina's Club and are in the function of helping people. They are not in the immediate function of preparing for the elections, but we believe that the citizens will remember and evaluate them even when they come out of the elections.

Nenad Predovan, source: Facebook

Anka Mrak Taritaš, Sandra Švaljek and Bruno Esih have already emphasized that in the Assembly it will certainly not be coalition with Milan Bandic. How do you comment and have already talked to some of the candidates or parties, maybe HDZ?

It is too early to talk about it now. These are the decisions that will be made after the election. Taritaš, Švaljek and Esih, like everyone else, have to compete for representatives of the City Assembly in order to be able to coalesce with somebody. First you have to jump and say hop.

Polls, as well as various analysts, claim that these are the first elections on which Bandic has an equal chance of winning and losing?

Bandic has already won. A man who lives in Zagreb and whose Zagreb life can not lose with Zagreb what he has created with his fellow citizens. Bandic speaks with works and measurable results. Countless numbers of such results for a better life of Zagreb's citizens. People see and know it.

What are the advantages of the current mayor?

Of course, every election cycle is for you. Bandić's advantage is that he runs on such a race every day, 365 days of the year, and his election rivals go out on the start with unmissable springs and a jumper that never bothered sweating. I lose. According to all relevant polls, Bandic has a significant advantage over electoral ranks. Milan Bandic will not only win such polls, he will win by knowing how to make decisions for the benefit of citizens, stand behind their decisions, and implement them.

What Milan Bandic and the Party of Labor and Solidarity Offer to Zagreb and the Zagrebers?

Bandic and the party Zagreb and Zagreb offer an equally devoted way of working on changes for better quality of everyday life. There are a number of projects started or announced, such as the renovation of more than 5.000 Zagreb facades, the construction of a new sljeme cableway, the connecting of a new airport with Zagreb Kvatrić, the closure of Jakuševac, the introduction of free Internet throughout the city, logistical support to the static community and entrepreneurs craftsmen, building a congress center, building a new library building in Paromlin, building new residential areas, kindergartens, schools, entrepreneurial-craft centers and a whole host of other projects. In short, the continuation of the vision of the city's development of the 800.000 population as a metropolis to man's measure.

Before the election, it seems, Bandic will have to court, for the "Stent" affair, a comment?

The whole thing about the indictment is a farce. It was initiated by the political elite at the time of the Milanovic government as a means of eliminating political opponents. People condemn such actions. In a few days, more than thirty thousand Zagreb and Zagreb citizens signed the petition Stop for political arrests.
Do you remember what was in the so-called stand stands - it was a collection of signatures for the widespread use of preferential voting in which voters, citizens, by their preferential election in the elections, are determined by the order in the lists, and are not determined by political parties or the holders of independent lists. This was a problem for those who are in the background of starting the booth procedure. There was nothing stalled to stand out from the prescribed rules, but let everyone do their job.

And word for the end?

I wish everyone happy Easter and holiday days of rest and beautiful encounters.