Robert Hirc

The first week-long guest of the "Jutarnji chata" was a member of the Presidency of the People's Party - Reformist Robert Hirc. Although in Zagreb will not have its own mayoral candidate, the elections will go out, supporting one of the current candidates. Who, we will only see, but according to all things, current Mayor Milan Bandić and HNS and SDP candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš will be considered.

How are preparations for the upcoming local elections?

You are most interested in Zagreb, and we are important to all the media in which we have the support of voters. Tomorrow I will visit together with President of Cacic party in Zadar where our local organization signs a coalition agreement that will enable us to have long-term influence in that city and Zadar County. Excellent preparation for the Sisak-Moslavina County and Varaždin County, where we have very serious candidates for high functions in local and regional government. You've probably seen that we have a candidate for a deputy county prefect in the county of Međimurje who will be elected, almost certainly, together with a candidate for a prefect from the coalition party in the first round. As I have already announced in one of our previous conversations in Zagreb, we will not have a candidate for the mayor, but we will probably support one of the candidates we think we will perform well. To challenge your next question?

Of course, who you see in Zagreb, who could you support?

You've been following politics for a long time, so you know that concrete information is not released to the public until the negotiations are over. Negotiations should not rush and it is no secret that we are in contact with a few very prospective candidates for the mayor or mayor. We are aware of a great deal of uniformity in the ratings of several candidates / candidates and we know that our voices may be crucial to who will go to the second round. I believe they know that too.

Does Milan Bandic definitely come to terms with the fact that you are nationally in good relations with him?

Of course. We work fine in the Croatian Parliament. Our parliamentary representative Darinko Dumbovic, who holds the position of mayor of Petrinja, and the most prominent candidate to win a new mandate, has Milan Bandic's deputy. I personally have an excellent relationship with Mrs. Mrak Taritaš whom I also consider a candidate who would be a successful mayor.

And her affair with expensive squares in Gunji? Even Radimir Čačić, visiting Bujica, said that this price was just too high?

The stake is great, so in the Mayor's race they do not choose funds. I am not a lawyer of any candidate or candidate. If any illegal activity of any candidate / candidate is found, that person should not, of course, be elected as a mayor / mayor. Have this done by the competent authorities. For the time being, everything is still in the domain of pre-election folklore, which we are witnessing on the Internet as well. I'm sorry that way. It would be nicer for everyone to compete in projects and excellence, and not for electoral teams to even blink at the bands.

In general, how are you commenting on the elections in Zagreb? For the first time we have a lot of strong candidates?

I personally feel that it is welcome. Citizens have a large selection of different candidates, many of whom I consider to be very relevant experts in their professions. In pre-election math this goes hand in hand with the current mayor. For the first time we have the situation that the strongest party in the city does not have candidates from its ranks. For the first time, we have the situation that two candidates from the parliamentary group of deputies are the strongest party in the country. Everything is welcome and I want a festival of democracy.

As a partner of one of the candidates, what will you insist on, what will you be up to?

The Zagreb Reformists are constantly present in the media with their initiatives. We had them so much that it is difficult to figure them out here. We believe there is plenty of room for progress in terms of transport infrastructure. We talked about the topics of culture. All the talk about waste disposal. It is clear that such a method of collecting waste without sorting is not sustainable. Waste is not garbage. Several times we went out to the public and our Zagreb project on Sava. We had an initiative in this regard in the Croatian Parliament. Personally, I wrote an interpellation on this topic, which, unfortunately, the chairman had never put on the parliamentary debate, even though it had been debated at the session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. In pre-election time, everyone is hospitals in Blato, and they are very creative about designing the contents of that space. After the election, nobody else asks for this unknown hospital. We will insist on this project, because too much of our parents' money is spent. I'm not sure if after a year of decay this hospital can be repaired, but it can certainly get some other quality purpose. We also talked about the area around Paromlin which is widespread, and is currently inadequately used. The theme is very much. The city is constantly evolving, more and more people are moving into it and new challenges are constantly emerging before the City Administration. There will certainly be new topics that are not in the focus of our interest today.

City Council, City Councils / City Councils - Will you go out or not, will you have your lists or will you with whom you support?

And this is still completely open, depending on the talks with potential coalition partners. It is certain that we will go to the elections for both the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb and the City Councils and the Local Committees. If we make an agreement on a pre-election coalition, we will have a certain number of candidates on the joint lists. Alternatively, we will have our own lists.