Tomorrow (Wednesday) scheduled is the last session of the City Assembly in this session. About fifty points, some of which are for Milan Bandic, the current mayor, and the controversial and pre-election rebellion, such as the lease of the premises for the needs of the Jarun's kindergarten, the establishment of the City Office for Demography or, for example, the protection of façades from vandal-proof graffiti. We talked about this with the most active city representative, HNS Tomislav Stojak.

In front of us is the last, dissolving, session of the City Assembly. How are you looking at the four years of this convocation?

It was a very interesting mandate, so everything in it happened - from the arrest of the mayor to two of his deputies who instead made him the post, then two presidents of the Assembly. So, we changed the last year of the mandate and the president of the Assembly, the assembly majority changed so it was an interesting mandate in which everything happened. I think we worked relatively well, but unfortunately, in our mandate some key and strategic documents were not on the agenda.

For example?

As a complete GUP that actually determines some development of the City of Zagreb, as one of the development strategies, such as the Zagreb Development Strategy. So this is something that should be brought to this Assembly mandate, but it is not. All in all, an interesting mandate, very burly. If it could have been better, it could have been, but for that it is the responsible majority of the Assembly, and in the assembly majority it was from the beginning to the end the List of Milan Bandic, which means that he is responsible for all these things.

And to you, as you personally look at this convocation, to your work at the Assembly?

Personally, I had a very positive mandate, for my part as a city representative I did everything I could to help citizens, to try to present the mandate of a representative as something that was exclusively at their service, so I worked all the time. So, I am personally very pleased with my mandate, with the tithes and tithes of small communal actions, and helping my fellow citizens and working with them. And, well, I hope they are happy with my work, how I used the mandate they gave me.

Tomorrow's scheduled for this last session, what would you put out of the proposal?

One point is characterized by the way of this city administration, which is the lease of the space for the kindergarten Jarun. So again, we have rent space for 10 years, big money again - 21 million kuna for 10 years, instead of having made our own kindergarten a long time ago. And it is interesting to rent it again from the same firm we did not rent a business space for a primary school, even at the same place, at the same home number, a month ago. That means, it shows how this city administration worked, besides worrying about the interests of citizens, I think it paid very much attention to the interests of some of its interest groups.

Demographic office, comment?

The Demography Office is now being established at the last session of the City Assembly in this mandate, which is why it can not have a legitimate mayor because no one can ever be appointed and elected until the new Assembly and the new City Administration are constituted, no matter who the mayor is. So why this same Demography Office, if so needed, is why the mayor did not base it on 8. or 9. month of last year, when he brought all those so-called. demographic measures, such as fees for parents-educators. At that time, there was no word about the Demography Office, and now it is very, very important, crucial to its functioning, and from the day after tomorrow we no longer function because the Government is disbanding and calling for local elections. This only shows another underestimation of common sense, both the MPs and the citizens of Zagreb.

At the session will be the report of the Zagreb Holding for the last year?

Although Bandic and his associates show good business in Holding last year, there are a lot of things that are not like that. Let's just remember that all the last years with Holding worked, there was no reorganization of Holding, as there was wandering. All this needs to be put into one context. We can not look at Holding's business in one year, since 2013, from the beginning of this mandate, wandering with Holding, even if you are 2014. and 2015. Separate individual affiliates, then at the end of 2015. you cancel all this and return them to one body, then what are we talking about ?! About a politician who knows what he is doing? I do not think so!

Protecting the facade of vandal-proof graffiti, what do you think of this suggestion, enough criticism has already been on this issue?

All that decision about the facades, that's all OK, the city needs to be edited. But the question is - in what way. Why did not it work with better quality proposals ?! It's about setting up these facade cameras just to say that the one who prepares the decision just does not understand what the problems are all about, from data protection, who will have access to it all. This is something that is not completely well-solved, which is just a tapping that the mayor could tell people - here, I'm giving you a protective layer, graffiti protection, I give you a gift and a camera. It was a pre-election measure, it needed much more complete and systematic solution.

And the last question, unrelated to the upcoming meeting - what do you think about the design of Savski Bridge?

I have been a lawyer for more than a year and at the assembly have set up a parliamentary question on the arrangement of the Sava Bridge, not just a bridge, but all that part of the bridge. Then I reminded that we are 2014. as the City Assembly accepted the conclusion of the donation of a construction company in the amount of 3 million for works for the reconstruction of Savski Bridge. Unfortunately, this has failed because the City Council has not done anything in the two years to renovate Savski Bridge. This is what has become a shame for the mayor and the city administration because if they think this is what they did to reconstruct the Savoy bridge, then it really borders the common sense. That's something that tells us that they are just playing with us and throwing away our money to pull off one layer of asphalt and say, we have now repaired the bridge. The Savski Bridge and the whole area around it deserves a complete arrangement, that it is a part of the city where you will be able to enjoy it, but obviously there was no knowledge or opportunity to do this in this Administration. The Mayor then, answering my question, said that he was the sole culprit who did not make use of that money, that there was no time. I would remind him and ask him to go to that Sava Bridge as he is now telling citizens that 4 had not been in this year because of what they have done, this can not be called a rebuild.