If surveys conducted by two private national televisions for local elections in Zagreb have shown or proved two things.

The first is that in Zagreb will certainly be the second round in the Mayor's election, and the other is that in that second round convincingly wins Sandra Švaljek.

And anyway, who will be her opponent. Svaljek leaves behind more than ten percent of the difference between current Milan Mayor Milan Bandic and candidate of HNS and SDP Anku Mrak Taritaš.

No matter how small the sample of surveys was small, so much advantage goes beyond all the limits of statistical error.

On the other hand, the results of these surveys predicting that in the second round Milan Bandić and Anka Mrak Taritaš are within these statistical errors. As well as the two percent advantage with which Mrak Taritaš, according to those polls, won Bandic in the second round of mayoral elections.

Even if all the polls that are in Croatia have always given more left or left candidates than they were in the elections, it is clear to everyone that the gap between Milan and Anka and the other round was uncertain.

Bandic is therefore the only chance to conquer another mandate of the Mayor of Zagreb to enter the second round with him Mrak Taritaš. There are even good chances against him because his voters are more disciplined and more motivated to vote, while Sandra Svaljek has minimal or none.

That is why since the publication of these surveys and amplified the negative campaign against Sandra Švaljek on social networks. Who pays all these fake facebook pages with "alternative news" against Sandra Švaljek is difficult to say, but the fact is that this negative campaign is equally used by Bandic and Mrak Taritaš.

Guarding Mr Švaljek shares all possible means with the current candidate of the coalition of HNS and SDP as it fits in with the mayor that this left-wing liberal coalition once supported.

That is why Zagreb citizens in the first round have only one sure choice if they want to change the head of the city.

Voice for Sandra Svaljek carries that change. The vote for Bandic or Anka Mrak Taritaš ensures the continuity of power that Zagreb has been holding for the last 17 years. And there is no difference in rounding up the first round of Bandic or Mrak. The result will be the same.

Bandic will rule Zagreb for another four years. In cohabitation with its old partners from the SDP and HNS, who will gladly leave the presidency of the City Assembly.

The only two professional surveys that were not ordered by political parties or candidates themselves, and can be considered credible, show how the battle for Zagreb will take place in the first round. Sandra Švaljek, Milan Bandić and Anka Mrak Taritaš are far ahead of all other candidates. So in this text only the three of them are mentioned.

Although there is still a month for the election, the difference that other candidates should reach is simply too big and therefore unattainable.

And between these three favorites is currently running a dead race. I can decide small things. And these little things will determine the fate of Zagreb in the next four years. Will the capital of Croatia, as well as the whole country, remain only the prey of political parties and their hosts or citizens will nevertheless decide to return their city to themselves.

And that can only be done if their vote in the first round of elections for the mayor is given to an independent candidate. And then we are thinking of the one that does not have a party card or its spare party club in the Parliament.

Not the ones I gather PR with trying to convince you.

If their city wants to take the building lobby and political parties and finally return to the citizens, the citizens of the 21 elections. May have only one choice. The only real face to change is Sandra Švaljek. Everything else is deception.