At the end of the last session of the City Assembly, we met with SDP's city representative Dominik Etlinger. We talked about the "rich" agenda of the session, which is abundant with suggestions that will certainly break the spear. Renovation of facades, lease of a Jarun kindergarten building, graffiti protection ...

For a few moments, the last session of the City Assembly begins at this gathering. How are you looking at the past four years?

Zagreb did not advance. This is a sad fact, but it is a pertinent executive power. There has been a lot of political turmoil, favoring privileged, different coalitions, co-operation, agreements below the table, and only the SDP did not take part in the moment. We were a clear, unambiguous and concrete opposition. We protected the public interest every opportunity and we managed to save hundreds of millions of millions of our fellow citizens by preventing damaging decisions. There were also a lot of personnel changes, Bandic ended up in custody, Zagreb led the vice-versa, many heads and two presidents changed. Kosor was glorified by the undemocratic evacuation of MPs when we asked for a CIOS fire debate with a limited discussion of "giving" the Svetica to 2 hours after midnight, and now we see that the potentially beautiful public space has been destroyed and usurped. His successor will remain only as the first HDZ who has been publicly coalitioned with Bandic although the coalition has been ongoing since Sanader's time.

Your work in the Assembly, the work of a city representative, how are you watching it?

I enjoyed rescuing a park in Savica, struggling against the usurpation of the city center and public spaces like the Svetica, advocating for a better waste management system and many other activities as an agent. Nevertheless, I believe that one's work is judged by the intended ones, in this case the Zagreb and the Zagrebers. According to the feedback I have, they are satisfied, and I will try to be even better. Ask real questions, open important topics, advocate constructive suggestions whose realization will mean increasing the quality of life in Zagreb.

By asking questions at the sessions you knew you were upset by the mayor?

It's not good when someone angry and nerves the truth, that means something is hiding, and there is no hiding in public affairs.

Do you expect to be in the new Assembly convocation, will you be on the list and ultimately enter the Assembly?

I believe that I am well protected by the interests of the citizens of Zagreb, which is the work of a city representative, and I have the confirmation of many that it was really so. I want to do even more for them. That motivates me.

Interesting is the agenda of this last session, a comment?

After the City rented a school building on Vrbani III. for 28 million, now rents that same space for a 22 million kindergarten. So for 10 years of space usage we will all pay 50 million. For this money we can also build kindergarten and school. It is obvious that Bandic and Lovric are concerned about the interests of the owners of the company often mentioned in the affairs - Zagrebgradnja, and not for the interests of the citizens. May be closer, we should all wonder if we think that those who break this way with public money do the same with their own. There are plenty of scams and favors.

At the session will be found a proposal for a decision to renew the facades of religious buildings?

Most of the buildings in Zagreb need renovation of the facade. I personally care more about the facades of private buildings, and a little less about religious buildings. Religious communities, however, are financed from a budget that is full of citizens and entrepreneurs. But I agree that everything needs to be restored. Therefore, it is a real disadvantage that a decision was made at the previous session to rebuild the facade of a building which does not contain an energy renewal component, and only 30 million kuna is allocated for the measure. This is called "New deal". It's a "New deal" for five buildings. Ridiculous.

Graphite Protection?

Vandal-grafting should end. The question is the way. The communal line has been scheduled in many cases of such grafting. The reason for this should be sought at the very top of the city administration where there is a lack of political will to address the problem of vandalism grafting. Bandic has for years been completely uninterested in solving the problem, and now one month before the elections, he comes out with a half-solution. All European metropolises are more successful with this problem than we are. None has solved the problem by setting a large number of cameras and converting the city to Big Brother. Grafiter puts a shield on his head and the camera does not help. Who will control those cameras and recordings? Who will supervise it all? There are many questions, and answers are not offered by this decision.

And word for the end?

For the end? This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is probably the end of the story.