Andrija Mikulić

The mayor of the City Assembly, HDZ Andrija Mikulić, recalled the work of the Assembly since May last year in her forehead after resigning Darinko Kosor, her former president. He rated his work as a good, "emperor three" because, he said, did not fulfill all he had imagined. Of the hundreds of people who complained of problems, he said, "94" was solved, while the remaining 6 was in the process of solving.

Andrija Mikulić said that for him and the HDZ, he became President of the Assembly of a historical significance, since that party, after full 16 years, received the President of the Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

"It is a huge thing, it is a big thing for one party, in the other parliament of Croatia to have a president," Mikulić pointed out.

He was also pleased with the work he did at the Assembly, rated him good and high quality, and praised the assembly HDZ-sheep.

"Personally, as a man, I can be proud of my team I was surrounded by, and with which I achieved certain results," he said, adding that HDZ had a tremendous influence on the passing and control of numerous decisions in the city, such as car transport, buildings, ballet schools etc.

"We have always been aiming for a better life for the citizens of Zagreb, and to spend as little money as possible," added the HDZ.

Mikulic also emphasized the importance of the City Assembly. He said it was the main legislative body in Zagreb and the other parliament in the state. Decisions are not taken at the City Administration at Stjepan Radić Square, but he said here at the City Assembly.

- There is no such person who, together with the President of the City Assembly, with the institution of the City Assembly President, can privatize the City of Zagreb - emphasized Mikulić and added that they and HDZ Bandic were not a coalition partner, but remedied by recalling numerous decisions for which they did not give them green light he did not refine.