Tin Pažur, photo: Zna.hr

Yesterday's last session of the City Assembly in this session commented on Further SDP Representative Tin Pažur. In addition to the amendments to the Spatial Plan of the City of Zagreb, which Bandic withdrew from the agenda, all his proposals passed him and also 22 million kuna rent of the building of Zagrebgradnja for the needs of the kindergarten Jarun, the same one that is already paid 28 million in the form lease for elementary school Alojzije Stepinac.

How do you generally comment on the last session of the City Assembly?

Another, for the most part, the lost mandate for Zagreb, the mandate of failed decisions and the wrong ending.

Rent a building for DV Jarun?

All but the Spatial Plan has passed. Another missed decision in yet another missed mandate.

Protection against vandal graffiti?

It would not even be so bad if there were guarantees that the most modern technology would be used and if these antigrafit coatings were integrated into the Decree on restoration of the facades of residential buildings. So I think that every bit of the graffiti protection offered by the cheapest bidder will be applied, which can be the most expensive in the long run.

Jakov Sedlar and the City of Zagreb Award?

The SDP Club voted against because we believe this award is not deserved by the person whose work has been questioned by fabricating facts and historical revisionism. It is sad that, perhaps for the first time, this award was not granted by the consensus in the Assembly and that in this way it was thrown into shadow.

Purchase an apartment at Ban Jelačić Square for more than 3 million kuna - for the needs of the Mushroom Museum ?!

I'm a mushroom fan myself, but does City of Zagreb really have to spend over 3 million for additional space for a museum that visits 10 on average every day and for which the tenants of nearby buildings do not know they are there ?! Let's first spend 50 times a smaller amount for modern marketing, so when the number of visitors grows, the City can give away some of its existing space to use.

What do you expect from the new convocation of the Assembly?

Positive changes, both in the way of reflection and discussion, as well as in the concrete progressive decisions that urgently need the City of Zagreb.