Monument to Franjo Tuđman, source:

Mayor Milan Bandić signed the Contract on modeling the design sketches and models and the construction of the statue of Dr. Franjo Tudjman in clay in finite dimensions with the established sculptor Kuzma Kovačić. The statue will be placed at the signing site - at the public area at the intersection of the Vukovar Street and the Croatian Fraternal Union Street.

- Together with the Croatian defenders, Dr. Tuđman is most valued as we have a free, independent and internationally recognized Republic of Croatia. He was the leader of the movement that most clearly expressed the idea of ​​an independent Croatia, was at the forefront of Croatia when it was internationally recognized, was at its head when reintegrated into its borders. These facts remain forever - said the Mayor Milan Bandic adding that the first Croatian president and founder of the Republic of Croatia deserved the largest and most beautiful monument in the old town of the capital of Croatia.

Thanks to the Court of Appeal and the mayor and his associates, the academy sculptor Kuzma Kovačić emphasized that the monument would be worthy of the greatest crown of Croatian history. He also added that the discovery of monuments is expected in the middle of next year.