Zagreb is NAŠ !, source: Facebook

Zagreb, our New Left, the Workplace Front, the OraH and the City jointly go to the Zagreb elections, which we have already written on our portal, but they have also presented it to the public at the monument to Većeslav Holjevac for whom they said that the last mayor of Zagreb who made a step for the better of Zagreb and Zagreb.

- The last mayor who made the right move for Zagreb is Većeslav Holjevac. It is time for a different left that is based on principles such as social equality, gender equality, ecological sustainability, and the like. The SDP can not and can not answer the challenges of the modern left, and we have the knowledge and struggle to do so. We will fight together to make Zagreb a just, better, more open and greener city - he said Tomislav Tomašević, a candidate for the newly-formed left coalition for the Zagreb mayor and added that it was a coalition of progressive parties that were not compromised by co-operation with Milan Bandic, as is the case with SDP, HDZ, HNS and HSLS.

Head of Radnički Front Mate Kapović he promised to keep the slogan "Zagreb in which we all decide", which would mean that when something was needed in the city, it will be informed about it and asking citizens to ask for it.

Rada Borić from the New Left said that the coalition wants an open city for all citizens, ethnic and sexual minorities and people with disabilities. He announced a gender parental list, but not because of the law that prescribes it, but because he lives in 50 in Zagreb, a share of women who should equally contribute to the construction of the city.

Let us recall, the candidates of the coalition for the deputies of Tomislav Tomasevic are professors from the Faculty of Political Science and Activists Danijela Dolenec actress and actress Urša Raukar.