Although months have been speculating that Ivan Pernar will enter the Zagreb mayor race, which was finally confirmed by the leader of the Living Wall Ivan Vilibor Sincic, two weeks before the start of the official campaign - turn, candidate for the Zagreb Mayor of the Coalition of the Living Wall and the only option is Ivan Lovrinović .

We asked Ivana Pernara what he is doing since he has seriously started his mayoral campaign. Let's remember, and for the portal Further he gave a twenty-minute interview in which he compared everything he had with the current government, which he blamed his counter-candidates, which he plans to spend in Zagreb if he becomes a mayor. We wondered if it was a kind of blackmailing a coalition partner Lovrinovic, or a simple move to keep up to now the image he had built so far, which would probably have been damaged by a bad result in Zagreb, who as a mayor candidate foresaw surveys and analysts. Shortly, he just replied that it was - strategic decision. She did not clarify what and what I was doing.

Parliamentary representative from Guče Gora in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, economist and university professor Ivan Lovrinovićafter announcing the candidacy, said that the first thing he would do when he became the Mayor of Zagreb would open all the doors and windows of the city offices from which he managed and defeated them so that Zagreb was overthrown.

"There never was more abandoned business premises in this city, blocked people, unemployed, enforced. There are never more people out of Zagreb, and we all know until before 10, 20 years that everyone has moved to Zagreb. The City of Zagreb has also been severely affected, this city needs a new man, a new freshness, and what I will do when I become a mayor is to open the doors and windows of all the offices of the City of Zagreb from which they manage, is, among other things, Ivan Lovrinović.

Finally, we remind you of an interview with Ivan Pernar, recorded only three weeks ago, when he was sure he would be the mayoral candidate for Zagreb.