Andrea Stojanović

If Zagreb is the most beautiful city in the world, all the Zagrebers are well known. But in our city are in love even those who are not born in it, who only visit or stay there shortly. New-born Andrea Stojanović has been in the main Croatian town for several months, and since then between her and Zagreb there has been an inseparable relationship, a love that is only growing over time. The remainder of today's "Morning Chat" was Andreina's announcement in the Facebook group "Zakaj i volim Zagreb", which "spelled" more than 1200 people, along with numerous positive comments. Andrein's post is transferred in full.

I love Zagreb. I was born Novosavljevic, but I had the honor and the privilege of a few months ago living in Zagreb. Love born to the city is indescribable. Atmosphere, culture, people. I never felt so comfortable. Since then I have been following this group every day and through your pictures with a set of spare time I spent in the most beautiful city. When I returned to Zagreb after a while, as soon as I saw him through my head, "I'm at home right away". Here, to know how to be an alien in Zagreb and how to make it a city you feel just like home - she wrote Andrea Stojanović in the group "Zakaj volim Zagreb".

To get started briefly?

My name is Andrea Stojanovic. I am an economist and a great animal lover. I was born Novosađanka, and now I live in Bačka Petrovac with my wife and our pets.

You say, you lived briefly in Zagreb, how are you?

For several years now I went to Zagreb to work on business. I lived in Zagreb for several months.

And how did you live here?

In Zagreb I was unforgettable and relaxed. People made me feel like home. I lived in an apartment in Ilica, alone. My parents came to visit, brother. I went to Zagreb for my wife David.

Do you miss Zagreb?

Zagreb is the only city I could think of everyday life. Ilica misses, walks, trams ... I miss the people I started with daily conversations at Cvjetno, socializing with music at Strossmayer Square, going to Vincek's cakes ... It was summer, so I miss everything. Zagreb was in full glory.

Did you have any problems here, since you are from Serbia?

When I was preparing for the arrival there were a couple of skeptical questions from the local people, how would I be. But I did not even think about it at one point. And I did not make a mistake. Everyone was unlucky to me. Cultural, fine, ready to talk. When my dad came to visit, he got very frustrated as he walked through the famous streets, told me about the days of youth and how he liked coming to Zagreb. Friends of my wife (who played several times with the band in Zagreb) spent us on interesting places to socialize. And, what was most delighted to be when we were a brother and I went through Zagreb long and long, with maps spread across the square. People approached us and offered help. Well, that's not right.

What do you like / do not like in Zagreb?

For me, Zagreb is a complete city that has everything I enjoy and which is perfect for me. I have no vindication on the city or its inhabitants.

You are an example, I would say, love always wins, that when love of government - intolerance and hatred has no place ?!

I never thought about it. I've never even talked to someone about it. Parents have taught me to accept diversity, and to make people look just for being good or bad. My experience certainly tells us that there is no difference, and that, when the heart is sincerely, there is no place for intolerance, and even less hatred.

Would you come back to Zagreb, come here to live?

I would, I guess, it's definitely something to think about.

What do you say to the Zagrepčani?

You're a clown, you're a kindness, a lazy behavior, and a culture. You have this wonderful charm, which is also Zagreb's own. I fell in love with you in Zagreb, but also in your love of your city. Stay as it is, and everyone will feel at home when you visit Zagreb.