Milan Bandic

The current Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić officially entered the race for another term of office, sixth in a row. The nomination for the mayor of Zagreb, at the Zagreb Fair, symbolically, in the pavilion number 12, will soon open the doors to young entrepreneurs in Zagreb and their start-ups. With him were his future potential deputies, a former deputy, and until recently vice-president of the City Assembly Jelena Pavičić Vukičević and a new faces in Zagreb's political scene - Olivera Jurković Majić.

The 12 Zagreb Fair Pavilion gathered two hundred admirers of painters and painters Milan Bandic, both party and non-partisan. Interestingly, the majority of the head of the office, a large number of their deputies as the leadership of the Zagreb Holding, were all in attendance, although all of them at that time (11 hours) should be in their jobs.

Before the gathering he first came out Olivera Jurković Majić, a doctor of social sciences and a professor at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

- It is my pleasure to join Milan Bandic and his team in the elections, thank you for your trust - Professor Jurković Majić said briefly.

It's as if the ladies competed which would be shorter, so it did Jelena Pavičić Vukičević was even shorter in his address to the assembled.

"Dear friends, what to say, together with the election victory, they lived," said Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic, and then handed the microphone to Bandic, whose speech lasted for 40 minutes.

Demography, education, entrepreneurship, solidarity, communion, security - the basic points of Bandic's program, he said, and then he listed projects that will mark his next mandate. Of course, if you win in the upcoming local elections. He stressed both before and after the enumeration of projects that these are not promises but projects that are being implemented at this moment, which have just begun to be implemented or which will be implemented for that day. The promises, he said, leaves behind his counter-candidates.

Reconstruction of 5 thousands of city facades, aid to start ups, construction of a slope cableway, construction of a line from Kvatrica to the Air Port Franjo Tudjman, construction of 1600 new apartments, raising of even 4 monuments (Franjo Tudjman, Homeland, Holocaust Victims and Government of Gotovac) , the Museum of Tolerance, the adoption of the Spatial Plan as a prerequisite for the construction of the Waste Management Center in Resnik, the construction of a congress center and hospice. All this was done by Bandic with the applause of the assembled.

He also noted the viewpoints of the world, and emphasized that he was an anti-fascist, but also a social democrat and a patriot. He condemned the Holocaust and told everyone that this great evil should be condemned without delay. Then he touched the five-pointed stars, saying that they initially symbolized anti-fascism in Bleiburg and later in other strata.

Talking about the monument to the first Croatian President Tudjman, he told a short story he has never publicly heard so far. He said that during the change of authority or the fall of former Yugoslavia threatened to arrest even some members of the then SDP, who advocated the right-wingers near Franjo Tudjman. But he told them not to touch them, that Croatia should have both the right and the left leg. That is why, Bandic said, especially for the first Croatian president, and this is one of the reasons why a monument in Zagreb is raised.

Speech ended with her voice, with her promise - "Listen, serve and work like all these years, 16 hours a day, 365 days a year".

Let us add that in the end, Bandic and his party in Zagreb elections will still have the Green List of the late HSS Sheep Nenada Matić, SMSH from HSU's Višnje Fortune and probably the Reformists Radimir Cacic.