Milan Bandic announced today the candidacy for the Zagreb mayor. He did it in the 12 Zagreb Fair Pavilion, symbolically, in a place that will soon be used by young Zagreb entrepreneurs and their start-up companies. The candidacy was attended by some 200 members of his Workers' Party and Solidarity, sympathizers, as well as the employees of the City Hall and the Zagreb Holding, although the candidacy took place in a "wake-up" working time (from 11 to 12 hours). They also noticed that the city's SDPs who were in violation of the rules and the illegal acts complained to the State Election Commission and GONG.

- Dear Sir, I would like to point out to you the use of inadmissible funds in the Milan Bandic campaign. As can be seen from the enclosed (mail below) party secretary Bandic Milan 365 sends to the employees of the City Administration of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Holding Office on their official mail invitations to present candidacy. This event is held during working hours. I believe that this is the way to put pressure on the employees of the City Administration and the Zagreb Holding.

I have information that I can not prove that the space of the Zagreb Fair has not been leased and that Milan Bandic will be used without charge, which is, if it is true - illegal.

Also, employees of the City Administration report to me and claim that people who are not employees of the city administration from Milan Milic Bandic's signing lists support their offices during the morning and require employees to sign support and tell them they must vote for Milan Bandic.

Please respond and publicly condemn this kind of Milan Bandic's behavior and warn him to stop serving this kind of inadmissible and democratization with shameful methods - says the SDP secretary's mail Dominika Etlingera DIP and GONG.

As we have already said, the presentation of Bandic's candidacy lasted from 11 to 12 hours, while the working hours of most employees of the City Administration and Zagreb Holding from 8 to 16 hours. So most of them were on the announcement of the candidacy - during the working hours. And for example, they could see the head of education and culture at the Fair Ivica Lovric, his deputy Tedi Lušetić, Bandic's Deputy Vesna Kusin, head of finance Slavko Kojić, energy manager Marijan Maras, head of social welfare Višnja Fortuna, the head of the control office Mirko Herak, President of the Management Board Ana Stojić Deban and others.

As we learn, Ana Stojić Deban took a free day to attend Bandic's candidacy bid, as this seemed to be a must-be-miss event.