Drago Prgomet and his team for Zagreb

HDZ candidate for Zagreb mayor Drago Prgomet presented his program for upcoming local elections entitled "Caring for People, Care for Zagreb", saying that he has taken care of his entire life and will continue as Mayor of Zagreb, reports HINA.

Support Dear Prgomet they came to provide the president of the HDZ and prime minister Andrej Plenković, as well as many HDZ ministers and parliamentarians.

Plenkovic stressed that the HDZ will enter the elections with a credible and authentic candidate.

- It is about a man who was a Croatian defender, parliamentary deputy, deputy party president, a doctor, a professor, a man from a people and for people, said Plenkovic, adding that HDZ would be the winning party of these elections.

- If we are 11. September in the first, second, sixth and seventh constituencies, have results between 31 and 35 percent, then I expect all of you here to repeat these results and 21. May, said Plenkovic, appealing to the unity of the party supporting the candidate.

Presenting the "Care for People, Care for Zagreb" program, Prgomet emphasized that he plans to develop Zagreb in all its parts, from Sesveta to New Zagreb.

Among the major projects, he described the closure and repair of Jakuševac and the opening of a new landfill outside of Zagreb, the construction of a new children's hospital on 32.000 square meters, worth more than 280 million, and the construction of the Jarun Bridge to reduce traffic jams. All these projects are intended to be financed with as much use of EU funds as possible.

- Why did Zagreb never want to withdraw funds from EU funds? Very simply, there is no cheating, no slander, no annex - Prgomet said and promised transparency, accountability and seriousness in running the city.

He announced the introduction of a central information system that will provide insight into the use of city budget. In healthcare, he announced the strengthening of health care homes and family medicine, as well as palliative care centers, the introduction of extended school stay in all schools and the strengthening of sports in elementary education, and the introduction of a third shift in nursery care and reduction of kindergarten groups to most 15 children in pre-school education.

The defenders promised Prgomet, will provide preventive medical examinations, a network of veteran centers, and build a home for retired veterans. "I do not want to meet as a Croatian homeland defender of war tomorrow tomorrow as a homeless person," he said.

He also promised to develop new cultural projects and bring culture closer to every citizen, and to increase environmental protection by increasing waste recycling and introducing payment by volume rather than the size of the residential area. Persons with disabilities intend to provide better access to schools and kindergartens and to adapt facilities to their needs.