Mirjana Rubčić Fabris

We talked with Mirjana Rubčić Fabris, a business communications teacher and a master's degree in economics. The resident is Savice, not a member of either a political party or an association. He just made his point about recent events in the Zagreb settlement, which has been filled with newspaper columns for the last few days - she talked about the controversial arrangement of the Savici park.

What do you think of Milan Bandic's latest Mayor's project - landscaping on Savica?

I think it's rape in park architecture. As a born Zagrepčanka I have become accustomed to the views of Maksimir and Zrinjevac and Zagreb parks that are unobtrusive to the eye of the walker and do not direct the flow of thoughts to the artificial shapes created by trimming the shrubs or trellis of trees. The spirit of Zagreb's parks is freedom, freedom of movement and thought, and not a walkway. We are opposed to limiting this freedom.

What should Savica do, which are the priorities for you?

It is a priority to extend the exits from the settlement because every morning between 7.25 and 9 hours should be minimum 25 minutes to leave the settlement / crossing intersection, either according to Slavonia or Držićevo.

Part of the park have taken you when they built the building?

Yes, probably more than 1 / 3 park, if not half. I think 5-6 years have built 4 huge buildings, and no roads and city connections. More than that, it is not a park but the rest of the park, a meadow with trees and a few swings, but people like to stroll there.

How much, by you, Savica has changed since Bandic began to "rule out" - started charging parking in almost the whole neighborhood?

With the apartments were paid parking lots, long ago, but now we pay parking. For now, he still finds a vacancy, but if he finds another building, the settlement will dive. Parkins are held, so I have no objections, at least something works.

So, do you think the protest of Savage tenant is justified?

Yes, tenants have the right to decide on the settlement they live in and for whom maintenance and planning planning is a cost that is not small. What we pay regularly, we have the right to decide on this.

Almost all mayor candidates give you support, how do you comment?

For painting and pre-emptive campaigns / empty promises. I heard, but I did not see that the Mayor, yesterday, drank the barbecue across the park, in the garden gardens. I wonder if we live in the Kafka novel? During the protest he cooked a barbecue?!?

And what's the story, why was it so stuck for that park?

Because it is probably about expensive land in the relative center of the city. Savica is a resort in the real center of the city. Today, it is important to extract profits and possibly personal gain, while forgetting that politics, above all, should be socially and socially conscious. We politicians are delegated to protect and carry the interests of voters, not to be themselves the purpose or the extended hand of the great tycoon capital.

And what, in the end, are you talking to mayor Bandic?

For decades, I would like to say that the Zagreb and Zagreb citizens have old parents in the city center for whom they are concerned and it is a shame that they will not be able to pay a monthly parking ticket to the 1 zone in order to carry food and medicines to their parents (if they live in another parking zone). He will never become a Zagrepčan until he hears what the original Zagrepčani have to say. My parents died, but I speak in the name of citizens who still have the problem mentioned. Savici is listening to the citizens who live there because they know best what they need, not some authority that never had a day at Savica, let alone the night.