Collecting signatures - Flower Square

Throughout Zagreb, signatures are collected for both the Mayor and the City Assembly. Pursuant to the Local Election Law, candidates for Mayor are obliged to collect at least 5 thousands of legitimate signatures of citizens while they are required to collect less than half the sums for the Assembly Lists.

We have visited some of the most frequented places where signatures are collected - Ban Jelacic Square, Flower Square and Main Station. There were no shelves on the booths, but everyone says the order, the collection of the signatures goes well.

Interestingly, all the mentioned locations were stalls Milan Bandic, the coalitions gathered around Anke Mrak Taritaš, independent Brune Esih, Brand of Ice Cream from the bridge and the coalition gathered around the platform Zagreb is our and Tomislav Tomasevic. There were no stalls Sandre Švaljek, Drage Prgometa, Ivana Lovrinovića even those less well-known candidates - Hrvoje Franušić i Dragana Martinovića.

It is worth recalling that citizens (voters) with their signature can support one or more candidates for the mayor as well as multiple lists for the City Assembly, of course, provided they are within their constituency, in this case the City of Zagreb.

In the support form for a particular candidate or list for the Assembly, citizens (voters) are obliged to enter their first and last name, residence, number of valid ID and the place of issue thereof and their signature.

Collect signatures, let's remember, started 20 in April and lasts two weeks, up to 4. May at midnight. The elections will be held by 21. May, while the second round (for Mayor) will be held two weeks after that, therefore, 4. June.