Dragan Martinović, source: Facebook

We had this morning with Dragan Martinovic, president of "Budnica Hrvatske - Community of Bosnian Croats", an entrepreneur - and candidate for Zagreb mayor. He says Zagreb and Zagreb are offering a completely new model of management, preventing the exodus of young people out of the borders of Our Beautiful, shaping a pre-emblematic state apparatus, but has caught up with the problems of municipal ...

Speak to me for starters, who is Dragan Martinović?

Husband, father, Bosnian Croat, Zagrepcanin, entrepreneur, president of "Budnice Hrvatske - Communities of Bosnian Croats" and a relatively recent candidate for the mayor of the City of Zagreb.

You are planning to run for the Mayor, what are you offering to Zagreb and the Zagrebers?

I offer everything that other candidates can not offer because of objective things. I have never worked in the public administration as well as nobody from my family, coming from a real sector where I managed complex systems with my own money and without bank lending and achieved remarkable results. As two basic problems, I emphasize the departure of young people and the over-sized state apparatus. I would solve the first problem by letting the youngsters leave the city spaces, freeing bureaucratic repression and taking them to the banks. Another problem would be to regulate the evaluation and evaluation of the work of state administration employees, and their effectiveness would certainly be the key to optimizing and restructuring the system that today is ridiculed in the media as "ugly". Still, despite this, no one offers any solutions - as long as that same system goes for it. I would also introduce a model of fair business where the City would not deal with companies that do not work conscientiously. I would certainly change the enforcement system of enforcement, brought in traffic, parking, network of kindergartens and nursing homes. As the "Zagreb FOR ALL" design was for me, the system would try to deprive negative selection and clientelism.

Will you succeed in gathering 5 thousands of candidacy signatures?

Like all other candidates we work on it daily and this is one of the primary goals that will be met before the very peak of the campaign.

To which level do you plan to go to the elections - only for the mayor or for the Assembly, city districts, local committees?

Collaboration with our members and sympathizers as well as with HSP's coalition partners motivates us to fight on multiple fronts, but we do not want to get a clientele access to the elections, so we will focus exclusively on those platforms and parts of the city where there is a possibility of passing the threshold without compromising the basic ideas that we promote . So where we have members who are willing to participate in the electoral process, without any pressure or immoral offer.

Have you talked to any potential coalition with whom you would be able to coalesce if it came to this?

From the very first day, we have agreed with the HSP and their new president, Karlo Starčević, for the coalition, for which I accountablely say that the best thing that could happen to the lawmakers. A friend, associate, and a successful entrepreneur who like me is a returnee from Germany, and he funds everything by own means. This was definitely a natural coalition so I did not doubt the very bright future of our co-operation. As time has elapsed for the election, I believe that this is what the coalition is about, although we are always open to all the congenial parties and people we share the view on reforms and necessary changes in the system.

What do you think about Milan Bandic?

When a young person is born, grown up and become full-grown during your term, it's time to let someone else bend the stake. We have seen very sad episodes during the past administration with numerous affairs, investigations and, in the end, arrest and Remetinec. I do not think it is appropriate for the mayor, and if we only look at what has gone through all of these years - somehow it remains bitterly tedious that with over 20 billion euros could be far more. That's why I go to the elections, that's enough. The city is a necessary change, not just cosmetic. I am convinced that experience in the real sector is exactly what is missing in the whole story.

Comment on counter-candidates, is there a lot of them?

A large number of candidates point to the fact that both citizens and numerous political options have recognized that time has come to change. Everyone has their own plans, strategies and hopes, but if we analyze all the candidates - I do not know if any one will seriously assert the current mayor, coming from a private or entrepreneurial sector. They are all children of the system, raised on the money of taxpayers and without working days out of the system itself. When you have not earned any salary in the market for a lifetime, when you have not been spotted in a physical business and you are generous in generations for generations - I realize that you do not have a real touch with the "small" man, the street, and the real problems of an average citizen.

Word to end, message to the people of Zagreb?

I really believe that Zagreb is for all, the city of endless potential, a city that can be all a city that is not only for the privileged caste but also for every valuable, working and educated citizen. Go to the 21 Elections. May and round off those that you think will be the best managers of such a complex system, and will keep your children and grandchildren up to business and accommodation in our metropolis rather than one day going all out of the "bread belly" in the diaspora.